The genius (Korean TV)

Did you enjoy Kaiji or Liar Game? Have you ever watched a show and thought to youself ‘This is cool and all, but I wish they would backstab each other more’?

Well do I have the show for you!


My brother introduced me to the show, though I have no idea where or how he found it, but ever since we started watching, we’ve been hooked, watching nightly. Episodes are 1hr long (1.5hrs long in Season 2), there are 12 episodes in a season, and so far there are 4 seasons, with season 4 currently airing.

The show is summarized pretty well in the english trailer below, but the jist of it is 13 people enter, they play a large game, then the loser gets placed in the 1v1 deathmatch for survival and picks an opponent of their choice. Large games tend to devolve into who can betray the other better, or similarly finding out who is trying to betray you and using that to your advantage, Other games often go down the route of who can exploit and understand the rules best.

The contestants themselves are an interesting mix of korean celebrities, ranging from weather forecasters, to kpop group members, to fucking BoxeR and YellOw from Starcraft.

It’s genuinely a really interesting game, in particular watching the group show their true colours, with some playing the social game, some just scraping to survive and others going for pure strategy and logic to win.


Here is a trailer, which is actually in full English, apparently.

Those interested can watch here – , just be careful about scrolling the comments at the bottom of the video, as there are probably spoilers.