Life – August 2015

Mmmm… Work this month has been pretty tough, with my days off being spaced rather awfully, and resulting in me having to work 7 or 8 days in a row each time.

Outside of work hours, I’ve been up to a few bits and pieces, not all of it productive of course…


Job Hunt

– have been interviewing for a desktop support / engineering position at Ocado, while the money seems good, if I do actually get the job it will be quite the radical lifestyle change for me, and that’s something that kind of terrifies me. I’d be going from an easy job doing 7 hours a day (including commute time) to a rather gruelling 14 hour work day (including 1hr commute each way), but i’d at least be getting a solid rota in 4 days on, 4 days off style. The more worrying bit however is that the position is in Hatfield, which means i’d maybe have to move house, and at the very least it would require buying a car to be able to commute. If it all works out, it’d be fine, and probably a good opportunity to jump into the next chapter of my life, but god the idea of it is scary.


– Have been finishing up The Genius season 2 with my brother, only the finale to go now, such a crazy show; and speaking of crazy shows, I also got into Rick and Morty, the pilot episode was kind of weak, but giving it a few more episodes it very quickly managed to work it’s charm on me, the episodes and jokes are super hit and miss but the hits are golden and the emphasis on sci fi is pretty interesting and refreshing too. I ended up zerging through the first season pretty rapidly, and am almost up to current. I tried watching a bit of Steven universe as well but god that show was lame as fuck¬†from the one episode I watched, I’m not sure I want to put myself through any more of that – Like I wasn’t particularly sold on the pilot of rick and morty as well but at least it was interesting, steven universe on the other hand was genuinely in the realm of awful imo.

Video Games –

– Ended up being tempted to try Final Fantasy 14 as some friends were starting it up, I really wanted to like it but the combat system seemed pretty dull, and looking ahead in the skill trees and such, didn’t look like it was going to get any better.¬†From what I could see there didn’t appear to be any skill specialization or way to customize your character at all : can’t spec into certain type of skill, no traits or talents, no perk system, etc etc. Ended up dropping it after a few days, before I even hit the level cap of the game trial.

– Spurred on now by a weird urge to play something vaguely MMO like (Tree of Savior and Maplestory 2 can’t come out soon enough), I thought now would be a good opportunity to give EVE Online a try, I bought a starter pack back in 2013 and so dug out the key and downloaded the tiny client. While the game seemed neat and pretty interesting on a meta level, it (like FF14) didn’t seem to actually be much fun, more of a slow grind. After completing the tutorial it was hard to grasp exactly what I was supposed to be doing, I could make money, I could go on missions and destroy stuff… but what good would it do? Why would I want to farm this digital currency, or spend upwards of 5-10 minutes having a very dull space shootout. I don’t think i’ll be going back, there is an interesting game buried in there somewhere for sure, but short of farming up money for weeks to be able to afford a PVP ship and piss off other users, i’m not sure where the enjoyment is to be found.

– Which lead me to trying to find something long and vaguely addictive to burn some time on, which as it turns out, is ARPG’s, I played through the entirety of Van Helsing II, it turned out to be pretty damn fun, though not quite fun enough for me to run through it a second time on veteran mode, so after clearing that I thought i’d turn to Torchlight 2, which I started playing back in 2013 but never really got very far in.

Other Stuff –

– Weird feeling in my right arm/shoulder, feels like my arm isn’t in the socket properly, I used to be able to click my shoulders by raising my arms in a certain way but it doesn’t do it any more, it also feels like I can’t get much power into my arm, not really sure how to resolve it though.