The woman in black

Was invited to go and watch the Woman In Black, a west end theatre show (which has apparently been running since 1989).

The advertisements and reviews all cite it as being terrifying, something which I just couldn’t really fathom – how could a theatrical performance be truly scary? I was pretty skeptical, but the tickets were around half price so I was coaxed into going, despite not really being all that interested.

The show was playing at london’s Fortune theatre, we actually bought the cheaper tickets and were due to sit up in the upper circle, however upon going to collect our tickets we found we had been upgraded to the stalls, and 4 rows from the front too! The fortune theatre, as it turns out, is absolutely tiny, with only 11 rows of seating in the stalls, and the entire width of seats probably significantly smaller than your local cinema. I was initially worried because I had forgotten to bring my glasses, my experience with the book of mormon had me thinking that i’d barely be able to see anything, but our upgraded seats were fantastic, and the place was so intimate anyway that even at the back I would have been fine.

The show itself was a bizarre story of two men performing a play of a memory, resulting in a somewhat odd 4th-wall-breaking-but-not-really kind of show. What was particularly neat was that almost the entire show was just done by these two men, with one acting as protagonist and the other acting as every other character and narrator as well.

It was a pretty barebones show, I’ve not been to the theatre for anything other than musicals, but this was a pretty true to it’s name drama play – and possibly too layered for me to really appreciate. I found it a little on the dull side, and the scares were pretty much all jump scares caused by loud noises in the dark, credit where it’s due however, the acting and performance were fantastic.

I think i’ll stick to musicals in future, but for £15 it was a pretty good experience, especially if you consider just the other week I spent around £11.50 on a normal cinema ticket.