‘The Purge’ is the worst film I have seen in years.

So after watching the latest Rick and Morty episode, we got curious and ended up watching The Purge, which turned out to be absolutely awful.

I can’t remember the last time a film made me so angry, there is literally no likeable character in the entire film.

Spoilers ahead but you shouldn’t watch this film anyway so i’m basically protecting you.

The son: Lets a stranger into their locked down home on purge night, the night where everyone runs around trying to murder everyone else, when a large armed mob approaches their home and demands to have the stranger, he complains and basically refuses to let them have him – putting his entire family at risk of being brutally murdered.

The daughter: her boyfriend sneaks into the house and attempts to murder her dad – who shoots him in the stomach, she obviously still loves him very much despite this, and stays by his side til the end. After this, she doesn’t bother to question why the power has been cut to their house, and takes the boyfriends gun and wanders around the house without a light, where she is promptly captured by the stranger and held hostage.

The mother: Sides with the son and doesn’t want to give the stranger up to the mob outside, turns on the husband and basically calls him a monster despite the fact the dad is the only sane one in the house who is thinking rationally, and is only trying to protect his family. She also doesn’t feel it’s appropriate to parent her children properly, and lets them run around the house unattended despite the fact that all sorts of bad shit is going down.

The father: holy shit learn to be a parent, both of your kids are little shits and you are taking orders from them? Protect the random guy and endanger everyone’s lives? Seems like a good idea to me! Better idea still! Lets essentially join them, and become a mass murderer for the sake of keeping your autistic son happy!


The end? they murder all of the people trying to get into the house, and the dad dies.

Good fucking job son, your inability to think rationally has gotten your father murdered, but hey at least the random black guy that was on the street is saved! Your huge house is not only completely vandalized and covered in blood, but is also going to be repossessed because your mum is now a single parent because of your dumb ass.

Fuck this film. I was hoping the entire family would get purged but nope, because that would be too much of a happy ending.