The Beginners Guide (PC)


To speak too much of ‘The Beginners Guide’ would be a horrible sin, personally I knew absolutely nothing of this game, I saw maybe one or two screenshots, I knew it was by the guy that made Stanley Parable, and that it was about ‘Learning about what you do not understand’

And honestly, I think that’s all you should know, similar in the way that watching trailers for films can often ruin the entire thing, knowing too much about this game is probably the same.

I will however say that the game is approximately film length (90mins), is appropriate to play in front of non gamers (I played it in front of my gf) and that the game is truly a unique work of art.

At £7 it’s maybe a little bit on the more expensive side, there is no replay value, and is best played in one sitting.

It is, however, 100% worth playing, and I very much recommend it to gamers and non gamers alike. If I was to make a list of top X games experiences, this would be on there for sure.


Go and play it before highlighting the below, which probably contains spoilers







Wow, right?

What a crazy ride, it’s rare that a video game can really make you stop and think, it’s definitely not an exaggeration to say that this game gave me the full spectrum of emotions, from happy to sad to worried, confused and everything in between. How many video games manage that? Like seriously there are a shitload of ‘fun’ games out there but there are only a very small handful of games that really evoke emotion and make you stop and think.

Like that scene where you are confronted with the machine, or where you back away from the stage, so many really memorable, fantastic moments.

I actually had to look up some theories on what happens at the end, my girlfriend was actually just kind of laying down for most of the game, but as the game started to reach it’s climax i turned around and she was fully upright and leaning in to read, probably a good indicator that the game is doing it’s job.