Undertale (PC) Review

Just a quickie, because it deserves it.

I played through undertale a few days ago, and was pleasantly surprised to find that it’s metacritic score of 94 was completely warranted, this plain and dull looking game that I kept seeing screenshots of.

A short 5 hour playthrough later, and I was sold, it’s incredible. Probably the best game this year, probably one of the best games of all time…
Lovingly crafted and likable characters, hilarious dialogue, unexpected comical twists and turns,  a battle system which is 50% puzzle and 50% shmup, and topped off by a soundtrack which is easily on par with your favourite chiptunes.

3 days on, i’m sitting in my van listening to the soundtrack and getting goosebumps, and thinking of the characters and smiling to myself.

I dont know who the hell Toby Fox is, but the man is a true wizard. I expect people in 20 years will still pick this game up and enjoy it just as much as we are today, because unlike some other games which rely on jokes, undertales humour doesn’t need to rely on pop culture references or similar external factors.


Go play it. It’s £7, that’s a ridiculous price for this gem. You’ll thank me later.



ps. papyrus and sans are the fucking best.