Munich 2015 – Day 2 – Residence, Churches and Beer

After a lay in, we headed for the city and Odeonplatz, which was kind of like a rubbish Munich equivalent of that abe lincoln monument, a huge statue embedded onto the side of an equally huge building. After snapping some pictures we spied a small Christmas market nearby and so went exploring as expected, and ended up with sausage (Bratwurst this time) followed by ‘chimney cake’, made fresh for us thanks to gf’s picky ‘no nuts’ attitude – thin rolled dough, rolled around a rolling pin and then glazed and fired in an oven, the result being a hollow tube that breaks apart, warm, soft yet crispy, and a subtle sweetness that doesn’t overpower the dough.

Finding our next destination – The Munich Residence, was a bit of a trial, we couldn’t find any signs for how to get in, and google maps was less than helpful (though to be fair, the residence itself was approximate 1 mile wide, and we were already technically on it). Trekking around the gardens and wandering around the back of the building, we were eventually questioned by security who directed us back to the main entrance.

The residence itself was divided into treasury and museum, with the former being a smaller museum filled with tapestries, sculptures, chinaware, jewelry and other ornates. The museum section on the other hand was a labyrinthine path through the residence itself, going through numerous rooms with artwork, statues and preserved furniture. Many of the rooms were very impressively decorated, with ceiling paintings and detailing on even the smallest objects. I didn’t end up taking many pictures because there was just so much of it.
Oh, of extra note, SOMEONE (not me) ended up losing our combination ticket, so we ended up having to bother a staff member, who was thankfully nice enough to give us a replacement ticket for free, he must have taken pity on us silly tourists.

A quick rest break later, and we were in the Theatine Church, which was unfortunately being renovated outside – the side door lay concealed amongst the construction work. This church was gigantic, probably the biggest i’ve seen since the one in the Vatican City. I’d describe it, but you can probably see for yourself easier.

We kind of went on church spree here, hopping to Peters church (Peterskirche) back near Marienplatz, which was medium-large and adorned with gold statuettes. There was also ‘church of our lady’ (Frauenkirche) which was also pretty big, though fairly tame in it’s decoration.

We’d journey through some new christmas markets for a bit, before eventually heading to ‘Hofbräuhaus München’ a massive state owned beer hall, I wasn’t able to take any pictures of the main area as my lens fogged up completely when we came in (going from sub-zero temperatures to the warmth of the beerhouse will do that). It was for the most part just swathes of people sat at tables drinking from tankers of beer, while numerous waitering staff buzzed around carrying food and beer. We found ourselves a table and ordered food and a beer, 8 euros for a litre. The beer, named Hofbrau original, was… well, i’m not much of a beer connoisseur so it was beer (thankfully not too bitter), the food served was all traditional style, meaning I got a rather tasty slice of roast pork with crackling, served with gravy and a potato dumpling, which I assume was some sort of potato + dough combination.

At some point I think the beer started to win, i’m not a huge drinker and so started to feel rather ill and we headed home, I lost one of the gloves I bought yesterday too. goddamnit.