Munich 2015 – Day 3 – Nuremberg

Semi earlyish start this morning, we kind of knew we had a long day ahead of us so we thought we’d just go for hotel breakfast – a mediocre selection of cold slices, yogurts, cereals, and then the usual sausage, egg, pastry affair. We kind of sat down, ate and then expected someone to come over and quiz us on our room number (which is the standard), but… nobody came over, infact we tried flagging down a member of staff and asking how do we pay, but she spoke no english, so fuckit, we left, free breakfast on them, I guess.

Train to nuremberg then, the ICE train from munich central, a surprisingly short 1 hour something trip over, where we were greeted by a rather grey traffic junction and even greyer skies. The weather was not kind to us this morn, making Nuremberg seem like a fairly dull place, accompanied by a rather annoying patter of rain. I started to wonder if we had made a terrible mistake.

But then, castles! christmas lights!
Similar to Estonia, there were random bits of castle strewn about the outskirts of the city, and the inner city itself was full christmas mode, though the lights were yet to be on, despite the grey clouds. I got thought i’d try some more german specialties, and picked up a butter pretzel from a stand (which was kind of mediocre), and a schweinesteak.. thing, which was a pork steak and the onions and juices it’s been cooked in, inside a crusty roll – amazing.

Before checking out the main christmas market in the central plaza, we took a good tour around the city, visiting a multitude of churches, as well as the imperial castle that looms atop a hill to the north of the city.
The churches were all impressive for different reasons, St Lawrence had it’s scale and some beautiful glasswork, St Sebaldus was neat, St jakob’s was literally empty and silent, and St Elisabeth was gigantic and had these amazing marble looking columns.
The castle was worth visiting for the vista alone, but also had some neat towers and stuff to check out, along with the usual gates and walls.

I got to try some black forest gateau somewhere along the way (rather horrifically named ‘schwarzwälder kirschtorte’ – which is great fun to ask for, as a foreigner that speaks no german), and we also ran into a really bizarre statue (complete with goat with droopy balls and woman with bush), and a random shed containing a camel and donkey.

After some shopping, the sun had set and we returned to the Christmas market, which was now lit up and in full bustle, church bells as usual, along with the occasional clop of horse and carriage around the outskirts really gave the place the right mood and feel. The market itself was beautiful, and much nicer than the Munich one, with a smarter layout of shops, less people, and a beautiful church and Christmas tree backdrop. We spent some fair time just looking around all of the stalls (of which there were many, and selling more varied stuff than in Munich) and of course had more food along the way – the nurnberger sausage (presumably regional type sausages), another steak roll thing, and another dish which I failed to get the name of, but it was slow cooked pork and onion, sprinkled with spice powder and covered in a tangy curry sauce and served with a crusty roll, it was fucking amazing.

There isn’t much else to report for the rest of the day, we went back to the station, found our train delayed by half an hour, wasn’t hungry enough for proper dinner thanks to street food, grabbed some food to eat on the way home, and now I’m sitting here writing this while eating this schneeball / snowball thing (huge shortcrust pastry ball coated in chocolate).