What you should be watching this season – Winter 2016 Anime Roundup

Tons of trash this season, with robot shows in particular being the ‘in’ thing apparently. A few surprises, ‘Kono subarashii sekai’ came out of nowhere and was really entertaining, similarly I didn’t know much about ‘boku dake ga inai machi’ and that was really good as well, even my brother who came in and started watching half way seemed really interested as the episode reached its climax.


Watching Tier –

zplayer 2016-01-14 20-07-47-31

Boku dake ga inai machi

– 9 – Rewind time to prevent disasters. Featuring that same blue butterfly from ‘Life is Strange’, lets hope it doesn’t end the same way.


zplayer 2016-01-14 20-09-36-47

Prince of Stride

– 8 – A world where freerunning relay is a sport, seems pretty cool, reminds me of ‘Free!’


zplayer 2016-01-14 20-10-20-85

Kono subarashii sekai ni shukufuku o!

– 8 – A better version of danmachi? Weeb gets transported to a fantasy video game style world with adorable goddess, characters and humour are pretty good.


zplayer 2016-01-14 20-11-47-40

Musaigen no Phantom World

– 8 – Kyoani phantom nonsense with plenty of fanservice this time round.


zplayer 2016-01-14 20-12-38-73


– 7 – Hibike Euphonium version 2 (orchestra club), but with more mystery and puzzles


zplayer 2016-01-14 20-13-27-53

Shouwa genroku rakugo shinjuu

– 7 – Really plot/drama heavy, but interesting rakugo story for those looking for something more mature


zplayer 2016-01-14 20-15-12-68

Dimension W

– 7 – If the show becomes as hype as the OP, this will be awesome. Plot seems alright, with cute robot girl partner.


zplayer 2016-01-14 20-15-36-34

Hai to gensou no grimgar

– 7 – Whilst a fairly generic fantasy setting, has an interesting set of characters and a new spin on the adventurer story.


zplayer 2016-01-14 20-16-35-66

Nijiiro days

– 7 – Terrified that it was going to be yaoi at first, seems okay though, schoolguy love drama comedy thing


Probably Dropping Tier:

Dagashi Kashi – 6 – Candy shop owner’s son and a very strange mentally unstable girl.

Ao no kanata no four rhythm – 5 – Based on a visual novel, some shit about flying shoes.

Nurse witch komugi-chan – 5 – What even is this? Is this satire? It’s almost bad to the point where it’s entertaining

Koukaku no pandora – 5 – Borderline yuri “put your hand into my crotch slot” show

Shoujo-tachi wa kouya o mezasu – 5 – Like sainai heroine but reversed? Very uneventful first episode

Bubuki Buranki – 5 – Another superpower show, summons? Eyeball things? Pretty nice visuals


Get that shit out of my face Tier:

Luck and Logic – 4 – Generic superpower harem

Saijaku muhai no bahamut – 4 – Literally already saw this anime last season, twice. Yet another super power highschool harem with hidden potential protag

Schwarzesmarken – 3 – Robot battle for pretty much a whole episode. Nothing particularly bad about the subject but these shows bore me to tears.

Divine Gate – 2 – Generic superpowers show based on smartphone game

Phantasy Star Online 2 The animation – 2 – Painful to watch

Active Raid – 2 – Robot power rangers, very boring

Norn 9 – 1 – Terribly boring shoujo floating ship thing



Ojisan to Marshmallow – 9 – (Short) I have no idea what this is but it was amazing

Oshiete! Galko-chan – 7 – (Short) lewd comedy with blonde big tits

Sekkou boys – 6 – (Short) More sculptures?!