Life – April 2016

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So my contract with the last landlord ran out, so I had to relocate, i’ve moved to Tolworth – near Kingston, and only really like 10 minutes down the road from New Malden where I was living before.
The new house is a little nicer, it isn’t a live in landlord so at the very least the boiler can at leats be left on, and I have a bit more kitchen space this time round. Unfortunately it’s a double edged sword, and now there is nobody to take out the rubbish. You never really realise how much of a grown up you are when you constantly find yourself complaining about the childish attitudes of the people you live with, even if they are in their twenties as well – like for fucks sake is it so hard to take out the bin? Maybe if you don’t fill it til it’s literally overflowing… Fuckin kids.

New room is nicer, bit bigger and with a double bed and some windows, I took the opportunity to buy myself a TV that I saw on sale, as I thought it would be nice to be able to sit on the bed and watch TV with the GF, or otherwise just sit back and be able to play games on a big TV – It’s set up to the PC so I can mirror display whenever for some tasty 43″ Dark Souls action, the refresh rate and response time is actually really good as well, I can even play beatmania on it without changing my offset from my monitor.


This also means i’ve hit 3 months at my Job, wasn’t able to negotiate a raise sadly, our company has been having some changes and lately and the boss claims he doesn’t have enough money to do so… hmm. Well, if it hits a year plus with no change, then at least i’ll have significantly more experience.

In other news, we’ve booked another Holiday, just a short one for 6 days in Malaga, in the south of spain, Cordelia’s best friend apparently has access to a villa timeshare which would otherwise be going unused, so we’re going to piggyback off it and go with them, meaning the price of the holiday is more or less just going to be flights/travel and food/booze, that’ll all be happening in the last week of May, which as of time of typing, is about 3 weeks away.

On the gaming front i’ve been enjoying Dark Souls 3, and more or less only that – though I did briefly play the DOOM mp beta a week or two ago, and i’ve played a bit of the new Hitman level too (Ep2: Sapienza), I guess i played some of the devolver humble pack as well, but I havent really had enough time to go through and play them all.
Dark Souls 3 is pretty good so far, though certainly after 2 games, a lot of the magic is gone, with the only surprises really being the bosses. the environments are very uninspired and generic, the enemies are fairly tame so far, and the difficulty is less than previous games (though I guess experience plays a big part). I’m only up to ice land so far (about 11 hrs i), so god knows how much further I have to go,

Few other bits and pieces, but if I type any more on this post it’ll just be a wall of text :)

I’m going to try and make a bit more of an effort to blog again, or at the very least take some more pictures, I ordered a bluetooth keyboard and a phone stand today so I’ll be able to easily blog from Malaga.

What you should be watching this season – Spring 2016 Anime Roundup

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Actually a pretty good season for a change? lots of good shows to watch, and plenty of decent shows to fill in any extra gaps you have.

Jojo’s, kabaneri and Hero academia are definitely worth a watch if you want action, while Kiznaiver and Sakamoto are unexpected treats.


You should be watching:


10 – Jojo’s Diamond is Unbreakable – Did he just punch through his mum?

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9 – Sakamoto desu ga? – Weird as shit, it reminds me of Cromartie High School. Sakamoto is basically a G and everyone tries to mess with him and ends up making him look cooler.




9s – Space Patrol Luluco – Bitch turns into a gun (7 minute episodes)



9 – Kiznaiver – Trigger attempting to save anime again? Not much has happened so far, but 6 people are soul-bound and share pain, one would hope there are benefits as well…



9 – Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress – Also known as ‘Attack on Zombie’, it’s very similar to attack on titan, but is that really such a bad thing? Replace disposable swords for steampunk rifles, and gigantic titans for armor ribbed zombies…




8 – Boku no Hero Academia – I’m a sucker for a good zero to hero story, and this is quite literally that



These are decent too:


7 – Mayoiga – Bus on the way to lost town

7 – Gyakuten Saiban – Retelling of PW, might score higher if you haven’t played the games, but a PW fan, it’s ‘ok’

7 – Joker Game – Psychological battle show about spies

7 – Bungou Stray Dogs – Special unit tasked with taking down users with special powers, bit generic, but seems interesting at least.

7 – Shounen Maid – Adventures of now parent-less young child sold into slavery to work as a maid in a mansion.

6 – Flying Witch – bit on the boring side, but kind of interesting story about a witch who moves to the suburbs and goes to school there.

6 – Sousei no onmyouji – Defend the world from monsters in an alternate dimension, users have individual powers, I guess that makes it like Bleach?

6 – Netoge no Yome wa Onnanoko ja nai to omotta – This seasons candidate for longest title. These dudes play ragnarok online and then meet up IRL and main chara finds out that his guildies are all girls in his school. Totally unrealistic




5 – Bakuon – It’s like K-on but instead of music they play with motorbikes

5s – Shounen Ashibe: Go! Go! Goma-Chan – Short gag show about adopting a seal, it was alright I guess.

4 – Kuma Miko – Theres a big talking bear. Why is there a big talking bear.


I am now judging you.


3 – Endride – Generic shounen fantasy superpower swords and shit

3 – Pan De Peace! – Something about bread but I forgot.

3 – Hundred – Super generic superpower high-school “fite me even tho u dnt know how to duel” show. (ohmagod his power is a sword?!)

3 – Tanaka-kun wa itsumo kedaruge – Tanaka kun being a lazy boring shit all day. Drink some red bull or something you fuck.

3 – Anne Happy – Cute girls doing cute things, not particularly funny or enjoyable.

2 – Seisen Cerberus – I think my brain blocked this one out. I think there were swords?


2 – Hai-furi – I’m ‘watching’ it while typing this up. Bunch of 10 year olds in uniforms running a battleship. It’s like kancolle but more shit.

1 – Bishoujo yuugi unit crane game – I have no goddamn clue what this shit is

1 – Super Lovers – What the fuck is this? I can’t tell what genre this is, but it looks like he’s about to rape his younger brother and it’s creeping me out.

Life – March 2016

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Legitimately feels like I slept a couple of times and a month just passed me by.

I’m now almost at the end of 3 months at my new job, and by extension, my new life.

Past month or so has been a little more relaxed? Work has calmed down a little bit, with only the occasional crisis, our workload has gone down a lot as well and I feel like i’ve had more chance to bond with my colleagues so we can have more of a laugh now – I’ve always been the type to take a while to open up to new people, so it’s not surprise my new workmates were no different.

The car has come in very useful, both for work and personal life, I can now actually go shopping, visit family, go on day trips and so on without needing to think about the logistics too much, it averages around 12p a mile, so it’s more or less ‘how many miles is it?’ and then divide by 10 to get rough cost of petrol in pounds.
It’s also made travel to work and to the girlfriend’s much faster and easier, I can get to work in about 10 minutes and gf’s in 30 (used to take 1 hour), so I feel like i’ve regained a little bit of extra time in my day thanks to the car.

Not having to worry about jobhunting and stuff has given me a chance to game after work as well, finished a bunch of games that I’ve had on backlog for a while (rise of the tomb raider, grim fandango, some others). Have also been playing some new games, most recently Hitman 2016 and Helldivers, both of which are pretty damn good. On the mobile games front i’ve gotten into King of Thieves lately, which is kind of half supercell style base defence and half super meat boy platformer – the idea being that you make a dungeon for other players to challenge, and then invade other peoples dungeons to steal their gold and gems.

We’ve booked another holiday! I’ll be going to Malaga in spain for around a week towards the end of May, Cordelia’s best friend apparently had a rented villa in a resort there for free so we’ve taken her up on the offer. Price wise not too bad, around £90 for return flights, and then we’d only need to pay for transport to the airport, and food/activities

As a final note, I’m going to be moving out again soon. my contract on this current room runs out in 10 days, i’ve found another place to live in Tolworth, the room is slightly larger and has a double bed and more amenities nearby – ‘so much room for activities!’ as they say. I’m going to be awfully tempted to put a TV or something in there when I move in. The contract for this one is 6 months, so I guess i’ll be more inclined to get comfortable so to speak. The rent is more expensive at £600 a month but hopefully the room quality and such will make up for it.