Spain 2016 – Day 1 – Arrival

Surprisingly early start for a 12:50 flight to Malaga for Luton Airport.

The flight itself was around 3 hours and would have us arriving around 5pm Spanish time.

We’d catch a train to the nearest city to our resort, fuerengir… Something.. Oh dear.
The train journey was pretty nice, giving us a little taste of the local terrain, consisting of bright buildings and plenty of hills and mountains.

We arrived in the city and promptly grabbed a cab to the resort we would be staying at, a resort South of Fuengirola called Club La Costa world.

Checked in and was taken to our 2 bedroom apartment thing, pretty nice, no aircon but plenty of fans and enough space to store all of our things, food, etc etc. I do worry about the heat a little bit though. Time will tell.

Quick freshen up and then a trip to the local supermarket to grab some supplies for the week, for me, mostly eggs and some chorizo for breakfast. The prices were probably a little on the high side, Cordelia bought a bottle of sun lotion which cost her 13 goddamn euros which is ridiculous.

Now around dinner time, we walked to the neighbouring resort to find something to at and ended up in a restaurant called Safari.
The prices were kind of on the high side but the decor was nice.  We were without a doubt the youngest people in the restaurant – a terrifying reminder that people who stay at resorts are 40-50 and very British.

The menu was fairly basic and kind of overly British, but thankfully there was Paella on the menu, a fantastic way to start our week in Spain. We ordered the mixed Paella for 4 and was shortly greeted by a massive dish of the stuff filled with chicken,  fish,  pork,  prawn,  clams,  mussels…


Overate of course, and promptly waddled back to the accommodation. Fairly uneventful first day, but then I guess It always is.

Probably beach and some town exploring tomorrow…