Spain 2016 – Day 2 – Fuengirola

Nice little lazy start this morning before heading off to our local beach. Wasn’t really sure what to expect and as such was maybe a little bit disappointed by lack of golden Sands, but the beach was a little on the rockier/shellier side however still nicer than all of the English beaches (not that this is any achievement).

We’d lounge on the sand for a few hours or so, until I got a little too restless (Cordelia seemed pretty content with her kindle). Sun was slowly starting to heat up, and the sand was rapidly going from nice to scalding. Got rinsed for ice creams a little bit at a somewhat extortionate price of 5 euros for two…

Headed back to the hotel just for a quick freshen up, swapped beach towel for camera and headed back out to explore the town and find some lunch.

Our resort is a kilometer or two walk along the beach away from the nearest town/city called Fuengirola, a name I fail to spell every time without fail. We had a nice slow stroll along the beach side path for a half an hour or so before hitting the majority of the city. Started feeling hungry and ended up going into one of the beach side restaurants –  the food of which was decent but the views were fantastic,  sat in a shady spot outside with an open view of the beach and sea.  We ordered grilled squid and Hake,  which both came served with salad and potato.

We’d spend the next few hours aimlessly walking around the city Streets and back roads,  just trying to find anything interesting.  We came across a small covered outdoor market, some quirky alleys, a few parks,  but mostly just lots of bars and restaurants selling the same stuff catered towards foreigners.

We did try something i’ve never seen before which the bakery had translated into ‘Glass cake’, it was like a sweet pastry poppadom thing, brittle and yet slightly chewy in the mouth. There was a frozen yogurt place we came across as well which was great, 3.5eur for a big cup of frogurt mixed with fruits and cookies (or cereal if you prefer,  but y’know, who the hell wouldn’t want crushed oreos in place of granola).

Dinner was probably the highlight of the day, I had taken note of the number 1 rated restaurant on tripadvisor earlier in the day,  a small place called Restuarante Palangreros, we strolled up and asked for a table for 2 as we normally do and was told they were fully booked until next month! Slightly upsetting, but oh well. Cordelia was desperate for the toilet and the host let her use it at least. While she was in there though, the host received a phone call and came out to speak to me…

Turns out someone wants to push back their booking,  and we can have the table provided we can finish in 2.5 hours, easy!
The restaurant itself was small, with maybe 8 tables, as we sit, a near constant stream of people turn up and promptly get turned away just as we did earlier, felt pretty good to be on the lucky side for a change.
They serve 3 course set meals for a very reasonable 16/20EUR, I had both of the specials for the day, a starter of Foie gras (which I had never tried before), and a main of Argentinian Angus ribeye steak – already getting incredible value for money considering a similar steak in the UK would cost around or over £20 alone.

The food was absolutely amazing, and probably one of the posher meals I’ve had in my life, each dish was delicious and the steak in particular was one of the best of my life. A dessert of something called ‘Catalena creme’, followed by truffle and a shot of malaga wine, we were stuffed.

The remainder of the day was spent walking back to the resort, working out what to do with the remainder of the holiday (as we’ve not planned anything at all) and typing this up…