Spain 2016 – Day 3 – Malaga

We had initially planned to wake up at 6am to see the sun rise over the beach… This obviously went exactly as planned,  and by that I mean we woke up at 6am, and promptly curled back up and re-woke at 9:30, like normal holiday goers.

Roll around to 11am and we finally started to head out by way of a 45 minute walk to Fuengirola and then 45 minute train from there to Malaga.

First expectations were that Malaga was much larger and more built up than Fuengirola,  which I suppose was to be expected but still surprising to see.  I actually thought the city and it’s streets looked more like Italy than Spain to me, with bright white paved streets and significantly more clothes/jewelery shops than normal Spain,  perhaps it was just because it’s a fair tourist hotspot, and standard stop for cruise liners passing through.

We just kind of aimlessly wandered around for a while, heading through the shopping streets and small alleyways filled with bars and cafes. We wanted a break and stopped in a small bar near the cathedral for some frappes and churros.

The cathedral was an obvious spot to be visited,  though the interior was closed as it’s Sunday so we only got to look around the outside of it and check the gardens.

Kind of wandered upwards from there to check one of the plazas which I forget the name of, it was peppered with little craft stores run by locals.

Castillo de Gibraltar could be seen from afar through the city,  a large old style Castle overlooking the entire city up on top of the city’s main Hill.
We saw it from afar and began to climb the hill to get to it,  it was fairly high but didn’t seem too far initially…  The path however kept veering to the right around the outer wall,  what initially was the top of the castle wall was suddenly below us and half a mile in the distance..  What the hell were we actually climbing towards? The path eventually got incredibly steep and we began needing pretty periodic breaks just to keep going.
Some 30 minutes later we finally reached the summit,  and the large Castle at the very very top of the hill,  it turns out what we saw initially was some different ruins which were –  relatively speaking,  right at the bottom of the hill.

The interior of the castle was a little disappointing,  with only some basic structures still intact, the walls were all scalable however and provided some fantastic views of the entire city.

A slow descent later,  we stopped for lunch by the Colosseum (nothing compared to Rome of course) and then thought we would check out the beachfront and marina before looping back up towards the core of Malaga and starting to make our way back too Fuengirola. The beach was very picturesque but overly crowded due to it being a Sunday, the port was particularly nice,  again filled with small shops and bars.

Way back in Fuengirola for dinner, we weren’t feeling particularly hungry so ended up in a small place called Pomodoro by the station which was probably the perfect definition of ‘Cheap and cheerful’ –  with 4 euro pizza and 4 euros for 2 pints of beer and a small dish of chicken wings and chips.

Had plenty of fun playing around with camera exposure times on the way back before coming back for a clean up and general calm down.