Spain 2016 – Day 4 – Beach

Really really nothing much happened today.  We woke up late,  went into reception to check excursions and booked a trip to Gibraltar for Wednesday and then headed into Fuengirola for some small bits and pieces.

Lunch at semi-fancy Italian place for some prawn and chorizo tagliatelle,  turns out it was on the higher side of tripadvisor’s restaurants in the area.

Cordelia needed to try and work out a way to store her sharps as her sharps bin was full, and had some fun trying to talk to the local pharmacists in Spanish.

We came across a small church in the middle of town,  with a new little innovation that I’ve yet to come across..
They had electronic candles in front of the statues! For those not familiar, usually there are small red candles that you can take and light for your loved ones and then donate some money,  this was literally a big electronic box with coin slot,  and a bunch of electronic lights with half of them lit,  and you put a coin in an it lights a bulb for you for a while.  Lame.

PSA. Uncompressed Phone pictures, may take a while to load in full size if you maximized

Had a little shop around in one of the larger supermarkets in town,  though didn’t buy too much as our hotel is so far away,  I wanted to buy a quarter watermelon but it would have been so heavy to carry back,  and I don’t think they taste anywhere near as good if they aren’t cold…

Back to the hotel for a freshen up and change into beachwear,  and then back to the beach for some sunbathing and paddling.  Initially planned to go for a swim but oh god the water was some cold.

Nothing much happened after this, lazed around for ages and then went for dinner at one of the resort restaurants which was semi fancy again. Had some nice olives and then a mixed grill which was literally a small cut of every meat they could get their hands on.