Spain 2016 – Day 5 – Malaga pt2

Yet another accidental late start, our early morning plans had yet again slipped out from under us,  and we were now in a bit of a rush to get to Malaga. We had planned to visit the food market this morning, however it is only open between 8am and 2pm, and as it’s a market, they aren’t exactly bound by these working hours at all.

We aimed to catch the midday train from Fuengirola to Malaga, though we got to stop at a nearby bakery for some pseudo breakfast in the form of what I will assume is a Spanish custard slice – 3 thick crispy wafers sandwiching a ton of custard cream, biting into it obviously causing the entire thing to smush together and get cream absolutely everywhere.

We reached the food market eventually, at around 12:50, and spent some time walking around and looking at all of the produce on offer. The large Hall was roughly divided into 3 sections for meat, fish and fruit/veg respectively. Seafood in particular was numerous and looking very fresh, with prawns in particular having incredible variety. Bought some chopped fresh fruit for lunch, before getting drawn into one of the seafood bars for some fresh fried calamari.

Cordelia had kindly sussed out the bus route to get to the botanical gardens in Malaga, and with Google’s help,  we found our way to the correct bus stop and was on our way again – the botanical gardens were pretty out of the way to the north and kind of in the middle of nowhere really, a 25 minute bus ride and 15 minute walk and we arrived.

The gardens were huge, a massive collection of flora dating back to the 1800’s from various countries around the world. We spent hours walking up and down the gardens, there was heavy forested areas, an arty exhibit in the middle of the forest, tons of trees and palms, and a massive cacti section.  I’ll let the pictures do the talking.

Back to Malaga, and then to Fuengirola for dinner. We had stumbled upon ‘food street’ practically every day we had walked through town, but never actually eaten on it, so today seemed like a good chance to change that. We eventually found it again through some wandering and was promptly bombarded by people trying to force sell us their menu – the street is filled to the brim with restaurants from all cuisines, and they sit basically opposite each other and have to fight hard for customers.

We were swayed by a calm smooth talker for a meat specialist restaurant called Casa Castellated who was providing a 4 course menu for 14eur, he suggested there would be some surprises but didn’t say what, it turns out it was copious alcohol.
They started with a fruity champagne on the house, and a small soup thing, I had beef capraccio for starter, picked because I had no idea what it was, it turned out to be like raw beef slices with cheese and was really good. A free pina colada next followed by our main course (had fish of the day),  then cheesecake and a final free massive cauldron of baileys.

Me being a complete lightweight,  and having had a cider along with the meal, was pretty much out of the party for the next hour or two,  we met up with our counterparts (who we are staying with) and went to a tapas bar for more drinks and food,  before having a long stumble along the beach back home.