Spain 2016 – Day 7

The morning of our final day in Spain, we were bright and awake at 6:20am. Determined to finally get out and see this sunrise we had planned at the start of the week.

Sat on the beach for 20 minutes or so in the cold, watching and waiting for the sun, the sky was actually pretty good, with a few clouds but not too many Р allowing the sun to light the edges of them and just generally make the sky a little more interesting. Plenty of fishing boats and seagulls out as well. Sun finally rose, took a bunch of pictures, and then headed straight back to the hotel to sleep again (had a dream where I was batman fighting against John cena, also Hideo Kojima was my Nick fury).

Didn’t have much else planned for the day, we didn’t want to do anything too strenuous so we headed to the pool for a bit of sunbathing and a swim, before once again heading into town to finish up all of the food we had eyed up over the week (but hadn’t eaten yet).

Lunch and dessert was grilled sardines and seafood, and some ice cream at a place we had walked past practically every single day. Slow walk back after, and then cleaning and packing suitcases, drinking the cider leftover in the fridge and so on.

Check-out, taxi to the station, cheeky waffle and ice cream, train to the airport, random search at security, and now I’m typing this because our plane is delayed.

Another successful holiday! Loved the sun, loved the food, loved the beach even though it was like walking on hot coals. See you next time!