Life – June 2016

Oh my god where did June disappear to?

I can’t really think of anything particularly eventful that happened this month.

At work they have made the decision to get us to start working from home, so the office is currently in cleanup mode. I’m a bit torn on the idea of working from home – on the plus side, it’ll be slightly less stressful, I won’t have to commute, I can listen to my own awful music instead of the office radio and things like that. On the other hand, I’m worried it’ll go back to being very lonely like my old job, as I won’t be needing to go into an office (they say they’ll still hold meetings every other week), I obviously also have issues with desk space at home, and my chair is rubbish and i’m not sure they’ll let me buy an office chair to put on expenses…

One of my housemates moved out today, very impartial about their leaving as I’m an unsocial git and rarely say more than a Hi every now and then, that said at least it was a girl – we’re getting a bloke called MIchael moving in so it’s going to be dirty sausagefest 2016.

I celebrated my first year anniversary with Cordelia on Tuesday 28, we went to Thorpe park over the weekend, and then on the day itself we went out for dinner at a japanese place and then saw Xmen Apocalypse – Which was imo very mediocre as a film, and Sansa stark’s stupid face was irritating me throughout.

I’ve been spoilt for choice with games lately, after buying BF4 for £5 earlier in the month, i’ve wanted to play that, but also have had Danganronpa 2 on my plate to finish (I’m up to the 5th case now). Factorio Ver.13 also just came out which has loads of improvements and achievements now, so I would love to dive back into that at some point. And just yesterday, Zero Escape 3 came out, which is the finale to the fantastic 999 / Virtues last reward saga – i’ve taken a quick peek but I really want to finish off some other games before jumping into what will inevitably be a big twisty story game.

I also went to VEGA’s quarterly rhythm game meetup in London last weekend, which was pretty good fun, lovely to see the community as always (or well, most of them at least). They had 2 new games there as well! England finally has Jubeat and a Reflec Beat cabinet, which is an amazing step for our community, we actually now have most of the big rhythm games aside from Sound Voltex (which I have a home setup for anyway).
Corin was nice enough to give me a PS2 memory card with freemcboot on it as well, so i’ll hopefully be able to make use of that next time I go to the girlfriend’s place – though I only found out recently that you need specially burnt/patched disks to be able to run them via FMCB, which is of great annoyance as I have some 200 games at home for my PS2 which are thus incompatible (I think my PS2 was hard-modded with Matrix or infinity or some edgy name like that)