Pokemon Go

So i’m incredibly torn on Pokemon GO right now,

On one hand, it’s great to see impromptu gaming communities appearing out on the streets all of a sudden, you can walk around town and practically point out people who are walking around looking at their phone a little bit tooooo closely. and the game is kind of fun too, finding a new pokemon or leveling up feels genuinely pretty good, moreso if you have some friends you can show off to.

But for every good point, it feels like there are two bad points.
The game eats data for breakfast, the GPS is janky as fuck, half the time you’ll see nothing but pidgeys and rattatas, you’ll find rare pokemon and then not be able to catch them because the game bugs out on you or you lose signal, the pokestops don’t work properly half the time, and practically none of the game is explained to the player at all! (seriously, PokeGO is where mechanic explanations go to die).

But for now… it’s fun I guess, the gimmick is just enough, and when it works, it’s good – though hayfever has been a very aggressive reminder from mother nature that my place is indoors.

I’d put up a picture of my team but the game can’t log in right now, which… says a lot I guess.