7 Knights

You know how some games are garbage but you stick with them anyway for whatever reason?

7 knights has been that for me.


Unlike something like Puzzle&Dragons which I spent ages playing and loved, 7 Knights has been a boring grind for as long as I can remember, yet for whatever stupid reason, I stuck it out and have been playing it almost daily for the last 1 or 2 years. Part of it was for the rush of slowly climbing my way up the PVP ladder I guess, but the other part was I suppose some obligation to the guild I was leading.

I slowly raised this guild from level 1 to 10, and upgraded a bunch of the other extras like guild castle and so on, and we were pretty regularly fighting amongst the top 1% of guilds, I think we ended this season a little outside the top 100 – which, not bad considering there is only 1 server outside of korea.
I used to hate going through and pruning inactives, but eventually we started getting more dedicated players, people who would play as much as me, which was fantastic as I could basically just delegate that shit and chill.


But alas, eventually we attracted people that were too dedicated, who would literally no life that shit, go wild on IAP, and play all day. One particular member took it upon himself to advertise the guild on reddit, create a facebook group, and try to force everyone into the fb group to chat about the game daily.
He actually PM’d me on facebook one time when I didn’t log in for 2 days.

About a month ago now, I got this new job, and subsequently had less time to spend on trash, I started playing less and basically ignored the facebook chat because I couldn’t care less. Then, rather entertainingly, I log in today to find there has been a mutiny! Ironically the most entertaining thing to happen in the game since I installed it. A bunch of the more hardcore players had left overnight, and to my surprise, I felt a wave of relief rather than sadness.
I realised that the last few weeks I was practically logging in to start up the autoplay just so that people over the internet wouldn’t harass me – You know something else you often force yourself to do daily? fuckin’ work! This shit was a chore!


And so, what better time to ‘retire’ and remove the game from my phone. I set someone else as delegate leader on the guild and don’t intend on re-opening the app any time soon. I won’t disband or pass over leadership of the guild of course, that shit is my legacy now.
it was entertaining while it lasted, but god that’s the last time I start a guild on a phone game.