Vienna 2016 – Day 0+1 – Stephensplatz

Our flight and arrival was actually on the 30th, catching a 5pm flight and arriving at Vienna international Airport around 8pm. From there it took us admittedly ages to work out how to get to our airbnb accommodation, as neither of us had really researched how to get there from the airport. The Airbnb host and flat are quite nice, a little on the small side but everything we need,  I’m really not enjoying the bed covers and pillows though,  which are just kind of awful. It probably says something that on my first night I had to change the duvet covers and pillowcase before even attempting to sleep, and then opting to instead get rid of the pillow and throw some towels in a pillowcase.

We went out to try and find some late night food but really struggled to find anywhere open, we ended up just grabbing some schnitzel and chips in a box from some kebab shop, then on the way back it started snowing like crazy, it didn’t settle or last long though sadly.



Our first proper day in Vienna was spent wandering the city centre around Stephensplatz, we are two trains away from central central Vienna. The main streets of the city itself being very fancy and clean, with some very impressive architecture on even mundane shops and buildings. We were almost immediately harassed to buy concert tickets as soon as we left the station and almost bit. We spent ages trying to find somewhere to eat lunch, before eventually failing and just settling for some bratwurst in bun.

From here we’d wander aimlessly around, and stumble upon Stephensplatz, St Stephen’s Cathedral, St Peter’s Church, Ruprechts Church and Freyung Christmas Market. With ample wandering and nibbling between. St Stephens and St Peters were very impressive to look at, with Stephens being absolutely gigantic (and in the middle of service) and St Peters being adorned in incredible amounts of gold, it was almost overwhelming to look at.

The weather here is absolutely freezing, I’m wearing 3 layers, hat and gloves and it’s still so cold, and the streets are so wide that there is basically nowhere to hide. The main streets around Stephensplatz also seem to be their equivalent of bond street, filled with designer shops and jewellery showrooms. Freyung Christmas market was quite nice, though it was somewhere disappointing after visiting the ridiculous markets of Nuremberg Germany –  I guess I’ve been spoiled.

Dinner was some traditional schnitzel –  the local favorite dish, it was nice though I guess a bit underwhelming, being a little bit similar to a gigantic chicken nugget really. Back to the flat afterwards to try and better plan the rest of our stay in Vienna.