Vienna/Prague 2016 – Day 4 – Intermission

Our journey over from Vienna to Prague was fairly uneventful, and took far longer than we expected it to. We checked out of our airbnb fairly easily, essentially just leaving the keys in the room and sending a whatsapp message to our host, and then headed towards the station, grabbing a few snacks along the way before ending up a McDonalds for lunch (I know, I know). To my surprise, the Maccy’s was actually pretty nice with some interesting changes from our british menu, like a chicken and guacamole burger.

We were a little early for our train and so had to wait around for a little while, before eventually boarding and then struggling to work out how the seats were arranged, as we suspect some of them had been booked, but not being able to read much german we were kind of at a loss.
The train ride was long, approximately 4 hours or so, I filled the time mostly by using the trains onboard wifi and playing some android games (Colossatron), I think I may have dozed off a little in the middle as well.

We eventually hit Prague (or Praha), the sun had now set and Prague central station was enveloped in a creepy fog. It took us longer than expected to work out how to use the ticket machines at the station, primary because the bastard things only took coins and we were fresh into the country and stacked with 500 notes.

After some getting lost on the tubes and streets, we arrived at our next accomodation for 3 days, hosted by a lovely lady called Denisa, she showed us to the room and introduced us to some maps and how to get around, before actually giving us some basic food for breakfast (eggs, ham, cheese, bread, etc). The room itself is a good size and most importantly was nice and warm, we had not expected Prague to be any colder than Vienna but apparently that was a mistake.

Dinner was at a small Vietnamese place a few streets down, where a nice hot bowl of Pho would help to warm me up, the prices were insaely cheap after staying in Vienna for a few days, with Dinner for two coming to just over a tenner GBP.