Life – February 2017

Been a while huh.

Kind of depressing how boring and routine life becomes after you finish uni and get a ‘proper’ job.
Here are some things that happened.


Holiday Booked!

We’ve booked another Holiday! Come June we’ll be heading back to Bangkok, Thailand for a week, before jetting over to Taipei, Taiwan for a week as well. More excited than expected for Bangkok considering i’ve already been there once and seen most of the major sites, but the thought of being able to indulge in all of the authentic thai food really makes me salivate – Mango sticky rice and Spicy Papaya salad are definitely must haves before you die.
Taiwan will be completely new to me, the rest of my family went last year without me, and so i’m sure they’ll be giving me lots of advise on things to do and eat, i’ve heard there are plenty of night markets there and they love their street food. Just the other month I got to try taiwanese style fried chicken and it was pretty damn good – a full butterfly chicken breast bigger than your face, fried up with panko style crumb and sprinkled with a spicy seasoning. Oh, obviously it’s also the birthplace of Bubble Tea!


Cordelia’s Birthday

Went out for the girlfriend’s birthday where she got drunk, was definitely an exercise in social interaction, as out of the 20 or so people that turned up, I only knew a small handful of them (and by that i mean, met once or twice, tops). The night was planned to be a pub crawl, but obviously we ended up spending the entire 4 or 5 hours in one pub. I got her one of those Brita water filter bottles as well as a 2 player board game called ‘Hive’, which is supposedly like an abstract version of Chess featuring insect hexagons.


Diet and Fitness revival

So once again, went home for the weekend and stepped on the scale to find I had gained 3/4 of a stone somehow. Probably from eating shitloads of junk food while living on my own, because lets be real, it’s way easier to do chicken strips and fries (and they taste amazing) than it is to make a salad or healthy meal.
I tried doing low carb for a little while, but then I realised I have no idea how to do that and my body just gravitates towards unhealthy shit naturally – I was on a strange diet of salad followed by a quarter roll of biscuits. Over the last week or so i’ve started being stricter, going for practically keto again, and starting up a fitness plan of push ups, planks and jogging.
I’ve never really been good at jogging or anything paced, I can sprint pretty damn well – and used to do the 100m dash back in school for sports days, but any of the ‘races’ that involved more than 200m were basically hopeless for me. Starting last week was painful, I didn’t realise that jogging works your thighs so hard, my route is only 0.6mi (1km) but I was honestly struggling to do half of it without having a hernia, today however seemed to be a bit of a breakthrough, somehow managed to jog the whole thing in one go before practically dying at my doorstep for a minute or two.


Resident Evil 7 is not a Resi game

Thanks to good friend GrantDN, and some other friends helping to spur me on through the scariest segments of the game, managed to push through and complete Resi7 in 8.5 Hours. it was a great game, honestly very scary and atmospheric, fantastic visually, good sound effects. The last 1/3 started to drag a little bit, and you can tell they definitely front-loaded all of the best parts of the game in terms of atmosphere and detail, but nonetheless it was a satisfying ride and tense from start to finish. My main complaint is that outside of the inventory and item selection, it’s not really a resident evil game at all, though I suppose one could argue that everything past code veronica falls into the same category. I’m actually kind of upset that it wasn’t an original game as I think they could have done more with it, and the way they try to tack it on to the resi universe just felt forced and lame (spoilers: hardly any reference to umbrella, existing characters or the universe). It’s a massive shame that Silent Hills was cancelled because judging by RE7, that game would have been terrifying.


Farmville V2

Did I talk about stardew valley here yet? Goddamn that game was addictive. I picked it up over christmas because I had nothing to play on my laptop, and quickly ended up dumping a shitload of hours into it. The progression, exploration and just generally all the things you can do in that game is awesome, and while it can start to get repetitive eventually, sticking with it for another few hours usually provides the next item you require to trivialise whatever was slowing you down previously. Strongly recommend, and honestly if I had played it during 2016 it might have made my 2016 list – or at least I would have had more content to make a top 10 instead of top 5.


Other Games

Still playing a ton of R6 siege, and actually just bought the Year 2 season pass, that game has so many layers of depth and i’ve clocked so many hours already that I think i can justify spending the extra £20. Also I got the most badass C4 kill the other day, randomly throwing it onto the roof and exploding it and getting a kill. Hopefully didn’t get reported for it, because I genuinely just took a guess and stuck it to the ceiling.

Got to play ABZU the other day as my brother gifted me a copy (think he got a spare in humble monthly), really nice game, though i’m not sure it’s worth the hype it got. For 90 minutes though it’s an incredibly beautiful ride.

Picked up Disgaea 2 PC as well while it was on launch sale, I played it a little bit on the PSP I think but I don’t actually think I ever got very far – either on PSP or original PS2.