Life – July 2017

What a fast month. and what a lack of blog posts as usual!


So, the question i’ve probably been asked most the last month or two is ‘how is Cordelia’, and the answer is she is still recovering, we are going into 2 months later now, and I really kind of hoped she would be 100% again by now, but she’s not quite there yet, though a whole lot better than a month ago. She can get by on her own now, just not quite fast and strong enough to go back to work yet.


Gavin’s Graduation

So gavin graduated this week, and it’s been crazy to think that he is functionally supposed to be a real adult now. The ceremony itself was every bit as boring as I remember my own being, but actually they seemed to be much less organized and have less festivities than I remember – I at the very least remember gathering with everyone from my course to do the celebratory hat throw picture, but that didn’t seem to be the case for Gavin, whose thing was pretty much get gown, take picture, get cert and then give back gown and gtfo.



So I caved and grabbed a PS4, a small reward for having to put up with a shitty quarter.
So glad I did, for the money, the amount of fun i’ve had with this thing is great – shoutouts to Grant for allowing me to access his library.
Persona 5 is pretty much everything I hoped for and more, and Yakuza 0 has been a massive surprise which i’ve also been enjoying.
I’ve still got a copy of FF15 on my table that I haven’t even started, and of course a bunch of other titles which i’ve been wanting to play for a while but not had a chance to – Disgaea5 is on my shopping list, as well as Horizon0D and a bunch of PS3 classics which I missed out on (TLOU, Heavy Rain, etc).


Other stuff

This season’s anime is mostly trash… I think…. Though honestly i’ve been struggling to keep up or find any time to watch anything, because i’ve been playing Persona 5 so obsessively.


I grabbed a water flosser thing from amazon – basically a handheld water jet that you use to spray inbetween your teeth, it makes a right old mess, here’s hoping it helps, because I think maybe all of my teeth have metal in them now….


We have booked a holiday to Copenhagen (Denmark), just a short one, but a good chance to get out there and take some pictures and enjoy the holiday I didn’t get previously. I think I still have 5 annual leave days left, so may plan another small Europe trip at some point…


Went to see how much I would be able to borrow for a Mortgage the other day, they said the maximum they can lend is only £130k, which is pretty good! Think of all of the fantastic places I could afford to live in. Not sure what my next plan of action is, guess i’m going to have to just sit around and hope my crypto explodes in value or something.


Went to my good friend Nash’s wedding a few weeks ago, I had never been to an african wedding before so I didn’t really know what to expect other than that there would maybe be some fried chicken (there was, by the way). It was a lovely wedding though with significantly more singing and praising than I expected, nonetheless we had fun and am glad we went. Was a bit of a surprise to see that there was actually no alcohol throughout, stark comparison to the next wedding i’m going to (a white one) which is already talking about alcohol just on the paper invitation. Nash if you are reading this, wishing you all the best.


Saw Spiderman Homecoming yesterday, pretty decent film, though the scripwriting was a little bit too on point – the characters are meant to be 14-15 year olds, and the things they say and the way they act really does feel like they are kids, little egotistic know-it-all teenage kids. I was kind of rooting for the villain for half the film and cheered a little when Stark told him off for being a dumb kid.

Also saw Beauty and the beast (remake) and that was better than expected, I look forward to seeing what they do with the Mulan remake.