Life – August 2017

Ooooh. Almost missed a month.

Feels like it’s been ages since my last post but still technically under a month (is that good?! oh how my standards have slipped)

1/6 of Guyhouse is now married

So we’ve had our first university marriage, playboy Adam was the first and went ahead and got married in St Pauls in London. The ceremony was nice, followed by some very organized lining up to throw confetti and stuff – clearly all very meticulously planned. We weren’t special enough to be invited for food though and so majority of my group ended up in a pub somewhere to chill for a few hours. Which actually turned out to be really nice, had a lovely Korean inspired burger before eventually returning to the party to watch the dancing and further eating at the evening venue.


Holy crap that game of thrones finale though, if you aren’t watching GoT you should probably consider doing that, at least you will be able to join in on the office conversation. Other than GoT, the third season of Rick and Morty has been a great watch and is more of the same.
In terms of anime, I’ve only really been watching Ballroom e youkoso (Welcome to the Ballroom) and ‘In a fantasy world with my smartphone’ which is semi trash but entertaining enough to be watched during dinnertime.

Poor attempts at socializing

Haven’t really been out too much this month, and the social encounters I have been to have been with Cordelia’s friends.
We were invited to a rather nice BBQ towards the start of the month, the sort of couple that buys finest range burgers (aka. the good shit) – they are clearly aiming to buy their way into our hearts and i’ll be damned if it didn’t work. I wish I had brought more corncobs though, BBQ corncobs are the best.
Of interesting note, spied a steelbook copy of Persona 5 in their games room, I think we can be friends.
The bank holiday weekend just went, we met up with another one of Cordelias friends, a nice girl called Laura who i’ve allegedly met before, she turned out to be way nerdier than expected, the kind of normie person that doesn’t reveal their full power level until comfortable in their surroundings – conversation went from travel to chocobos over the course of a few hours as we got to know each other a little better.
Oh, we met up for cakes at ‘Lanka’ around Finchley road in London – a french dessert bakery with a Japanese head chef, the cakes we had were delicious and oh so very instagrammable, a slight shame about the price though which made my wallet cry. I’d recommend it though, their website is here –

The Vidya

I’m more or less finished with Yakuza 0 at last, and by that I mean i’m nowhere near close to 100% but I think i’ve cleared as much as i’m willing to clear without slogging through additional content for trophies and dumb shit. Just in time for the sequel then? I ordered Yakuza Kiwami today – £23 for a brand new game didn’t seem too bad to me, i’m basically going to pretend it’s just DLC for Yakuza 0, and i’m totally okay with this, because I loved the main story and substories of the prequel. Seems a great time for me to become a fan of the series as well, as Yakuza 6, Kiwami 2, and a Fist of the North star spinoff have all recently been announced. Hell yeah.

I started up Final Fantasy 15 over the long weekend and have enjoyed what i’ve played so far, it does kind of feel a bit MMOish though, ferrying my car between quest markers and hunting monsters with the sole purpose of turning them in for some money. I’m only at Chapter 3 so far and unlocked the chocobos last night, I wonder if it will branch out more as we go – kind of like how FF13 was in tutorial mode for essentially the first half of the game.

Pretty hype for the new Rainbow 6 content next week, the new operators look awesome and honestly i’ve been kind of waiting for it so that game can suck me back in all over again. I still wish I had more people to play with though, the few moments where you really coordinate with team via voice chat, spot for each other etc is so good.

I tried Town of Salem the other week, a pretty fun variant on the werewolf game you may or may not have played in a real life party scenario. It adds an absurd amount of roles, almost too many even, but it’s a great bit of fun if you have 20 minutes to burn during lunch – you can play it from a browser window as well so you can probably play it from the office – did I mention it’s free?

Back to the gym

So oddly, after playing through Yakuza 0 (and probably at least somewhat influenced by all of my colleagues going to the gym and talking about it every day) I felt a huge urge to hit the gym and get a body like Kiryu – I suppose when you spend 50 hours watching a buff dude punch people in the face and get topless for boss battles, you kind of just want to join in the fun. And thus I’ve joined the Easygym near my workplace – I’ve only been going for a few weeks so far, and honestly, every day since I’ve joined that gym, is pain.
I don’t know if i’m just going WAY too hard or what, but holy shit the DOMS (muscle soreness) is absurd.
The first week I was struggling to put on a seatbelt or scratch my head after doing triceps
Second week I came into work looking like I had been hit by a car – my inner thighs took such a beating that it took a week to recover…
And today… well, i’m not sure yet, but i’d almost guarantee my arms are going to be a real state tomorrow morning, because i’m already struggling to lift my elbows enough to type. I’ve actually had to get an additional pillow to sit on, just so that my arms are naturally higher and it’s easier to type.
I only hope that i’m burning off the calories i’m eating, because since I started working out, I’ve had an insatiable appetite.