Life – November 2017

I’m still alive! I just have nothing to report!

Being an adult is impossibly boring compared to my university days.


Days out:

Went for a day out to bushy park to photograph the autumn colours.

Also went for a day out to Enchanted woodland in Syon Park – which was a bit of a disappointment compared to last years Magical Lantern festival, but still interesting and a bit different. That said, I don’t think ill be doing it again next year.




Mentioned last blog post that my car was making screechy noises, turned out to be the brake pads as expected – about £130 to repair, so not great but it could have been worse i guess.
My poor teeth on the other hand didn’t do so well at it’s last checkup, and they had to drill 3 more holes, fml.
I also went to the opticians to try and work out why I was getting so many migraines, and whilst im not sure it helped, they did identify that I needed a more up to date prescription, so I grabbed some nice new hipster glasses – as my last pair were over 7 years old from before I even started university. They look super hipster, especially if i’m wearing my hat.





Started playing Witcher 3 after grabbing it on sale (I think it was the GOTY edition for £15?), also started playing Battlerite a fair bit again after the new free to play updates came out – Having a knowledge advantage is quite a lot of fun, there are loads of bad players, and I have no problem taking advantage of them.