Top 10 Games of 2017

Disclaimer: I definitely didn’t play all of the notable games in 2017, I had nowhere near enough time to do so.
So the below list is the top 10 of games which I played.

Missing from the list (unplayed) is:
Zelda BOTW, Mario Odyssey, Mario rabbids battle, Golf Story,
Nioh, AC Origins, Wolfenstein 2, Finding Paradise, South Park FBH, Hellblade, Prey, Evil Within 2, Destiny 2, Edith Finch, PUBG, Fortnite


Special Mention – Hidden folks

Wheres Wally for a digital era. A little bit short, but while it lasts, Hidden Folks is fantastic.
The maps are huge, yet the clues provided make the finding fair. it’s also casual friendly for those with girlfriends.
Short but fun, and something a bit different to the normal gaming fare.


10 – Snake Pass

Fantastic looking Rare style platformer game, with a super unique control scheme which I’ve never seen before. Snake pass was a fantastic way to chill out and just collect some stuff after work while snaking around.


9 – Resident Evil 7

Just the right amount of spook, action and exploration. The first arc of the game is survival horror masterclass and gets the game onto the top 10 list on it’s own, the game unfortunately starts to taper off once you leave the house but nonetheless still an enjoyable game. (though i’m not sure it needed to be called Resident Evil)

8 – Sonic Mania

Hooo boy, nostalgia to the core.
Best 2d sonic game since Sonic and knuckles, and imo better than Sonic CD.
Great music, cool levels and the physics and mechanics all felt spot on – which is my main issue with every other sonic game – even the ones that have 2d segments.



7 – Doki Doki Literature Club

There aren’t many games like Doki Doki Literature Club – and it’s hard to really say anything further without spoiling things.
It’s probably unlike anything you’ve ever played.
Also, it’s completely FREE.
2-3 hour experience, soldier through the first 90 minutes.


6 – Horizon Zero Dawn

Self explanatory dinosaur free roam game? It’s really expansive, the combat is fun, the visuals are stunning for a PS4 game…
It just feels like a good all rounder, not really going to win awards for gameplay originality (though the world is kind of cool) but sometimes you want to play a AAA adventure game and I think HZD will have me occupied for as long as I let it.


5 – Hollow Knight

just a really really solid Metroidvania.
super polished, interesting areas, good level design and progression, easy on the eyes, varied enemies etc.
Has everything you would want from this style of game.


4 – Persona 5

Admittedly, I haven’t actually managed to finish Persona 5 yet. Is it because the game is bad? Hell no. It’s just because i’m old.
I am 80 hours or so in and the game keeps refusing to end, this game is long and unfortunately I’ve already romanced all of my favourite characters and so the remainder of the game left for me is dungeon crawling and personamon catch-em-all stuff.
Persona 5 is fantastic, and probably the only JRPG I’ve had the patience to sit through in the past few years.


3 – Cuphead

Just solid platforming boss rush action. Brutally tough at times, yet almost always fair.
Cuphead has a great difficulty curve and some fantastic fights.
My only complaint was that it only took me 4 hours or so to complete.


2 – Yakuza 0

This was my entry point to the Yakuza series, as I suspect it will be for many others.
The story was cliche but I really enjoyed watching it play out, the characters were ridiculous caricatures and I loved all of them, the combat is repetitive and yet varied enough to still illicit a verbal “ooooh” response after 20 hours.
Yakuza 0 has loads of great reviews, and after a few hours running around and doing a few of the quirky side missions, it’s so easy to understand why.


1 – A Hat in time

Literally cannot think of a better 3d platforming game that I can play on pc without using an emulator – and honestly even then I think i’d have a hard time picking a favourite between Mario Galaxy 2 and A hat in Time.
Beautiful colours and art, memorable and catchy soundtrack, charming design, interesting and varied levels,
A Hat in Time is pure gaming bliss for the 10 hours it lasts, and my personal favourite game of 2017.