Ian’s wedding

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So the third wedding i’ve been invited to, and yet another reminder of how old I’ve become. This one for one of my university housemates Ian and his now wife Alice whom he met after we left uni (he did a 4th year).

Wedding itself was up in warwick so we headed up in the morning, and gave it some extra time as it was actually snowing really heavy around London – of course the snow quickly disappeared and we ended up an hour or so early – oh well, at least we were guaranteed a parking space.

It was a pretty nice venue, an all-in one huge functional hall, bar, dance floor and hotel/rooms situation all in one building, actually really good for weddings I have to say. The ceremony was nice, thankfully no hymns or songs and so we got to skip that awkward bit and just generally fast forward a lot of the procedings in general – not that I don’t enjoy a special day etc but lets be real we’re all just sitting there to see you say “I do”, so that we can cheer and go back to drinking and celebrating.

Nice little glass of champagne on exit, and we soon got a tip-off that the brides father had put money on the bar and so free drinks for us there too.
Was starting to get a little drunk as we hadn’t eaten lunch yet and i’m admittedly quite the lightweight. Luckily dinner came along just in time, a nice little prawn salad, leg of lamb dinner, coupled with rapid fire quiz gameshow thanks to small boxes of random trivia left on the table – actually kind of a genius way to get everyone to socialize and oh so very Ian (who is basically pub quiz king). I don’t know how much thought actually went into the table seating but actually quite good as we had a few loud people to compensate for the more introverted people on the table.

Dessert, more drinks, cake cutting, first dance (way better than I could have done) followed by a night of drinking, dancing, and meat/bread/cheese/cake buffet.

Made the mistake of driving home afterwards, I was sober enough but underestimated how tired I was, and unfortunately Cordelia was drunk to the point of being K.O instantly upon sitting in the car. The 2 hour drive home, in the dark, with heavy snow, while tired, is one of the worst drives I’ve ever had to do – and this is coming from the guy that used to have to drive across the country in the middle of the night for work.

All in all, a fantastic wedding, and I suppose one of many to come.


Close friend wedding status:

Schoolfriends: 1 of 4
Uni housemates: 2 of 6

Life – Jan-Mar 2018

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Oh jesus, where did the time go!

Things which have happened over the last 3 months (that i can remember)



Got to have my first Go-Karting experience with work, we went on a weekend after a team meeting, an indoor track around the London docklands with teamsport racing. After a super edgy introduction video which almost seemed to border on satire, we were off to the track – 2 sets of 12 or so people.
I was literally first off the bat for the qualifying round, and was surprised at how fast those little karts can go – obviously no idea how to take the corners and so span out on the tight U bend on my first go around. The steering on those things were really heavy, and at parts, the track had little bumps and so it would feel like the kart was on the border of losing traction and just exploding.
The qualifying round arranged everyone by time and then separated drivers into basically a fast league and a slow league – I placed somewhere towards the end of the fast league, so still in the top half at least. My forearms and hands were already aching after the first race, and so wasn’t looking forward to the second.
Started 2nd from the back for the second race, and while I didn’t break any speed records, consistency let me gradually overtake most of the pack to finish at 4th place.


Mayfair Meals

Valentines and my Birthday were made special with visits to Mayfair for dinner. Never really had much fine dining before, and after those 2 meals, i’m not really sure it’s for me. For V day we went to the Athenaeum hotel restaurant, Cordelia had recieved a red letter day for a 3 course meal for 2. Similarly my dad took me to Coya in Mayfair which is a peruvian restaurant. The food at both were good, no doubt about that, however for the price we paid and the amount of food we received I couldn’t help but think we could have gone somewhere else and really eaten ourselves to a coma. We actually went to have a second dinner in Chinatown after Coya because we weren’t quite full but didn’t want to spend another £60-100 for a few more tapas size dishes.


Room Hunting

I’m unfortunately having to move houses again, my current landlords recently got married and thus want to move back into the house to remodel and live in it.
Really annoying for me as, even though I hated the house and everyone inside, it was very convenient for work and personal life, close to a train station and supermarkets, had a drive, large room, and came with furniture for me to use. I initially thought i’d use this opportunity to find a flat or something to try and live on my own, but jesus christ the costs for a 1 bed flat or studio apartment around here just made it not viable at all – typical costs for a room in a shared house at £600 to £700 including bills, while a solo flat would be upwards of £1k excluding all bills (of which, probably like £100 pcm for council tax and then another £150+ for bills and internet).
So, after 2 weeks or so of searching, I found another room, still in a similar area but unfortunately a bit out of the way.
The room was actually originally going for £700 but was recently discounted to £675, I said i’d take the room if they’d let it go for £650 and to my surprise the landlord agreed.
I’m still waiting to sign documents, and i’m slightly worried that im going to get some shitpiece bed or that there won’t be any furniture at all (the room was unfurnished but property keeper said he could source me some furniture), time will tell, i’ll post some pictures after i’m moved in – it’s a huge converted lounge room with a fireplace though.
With any luck, this will be the last time I have to move into a shared house, hopefully by this time next year i’ll be considering moving in with gf or maybe even getting a place of my own – though i’ve had thoughts about moving away from London just due to how insane the housing costs are.