Life – March 2020 (COVID19 update)

Poor neglected blog, As usual in my life, doesn’t really feel like theres much to talk about, but I figured given the current situation in the UK, I may want to look back and reflect at some point.

Was Cordelias birthday, we went out for a meal I think, also got the car serviced and MOT’d which turned out to be a few hundred quid for brake pads and disks, i’m hoping i’ll be able to switch to another car soon but I kind of want my own drive first before I get a ‘nice’ car.
MHW Iceborne came out and I clocked another 100+ hours on the content, really good expansion though I wish more of my friends were playing it.

Nothing of real note, did a fair few extra weekends overtime to get some extra money, hoping to save up for a PC as this one (Sanshiro3) is starting to struggle in some CPU heavy games like Modern Warfare (2019).
My birthday at the end of the month, but didn’t really get much of note, just some money and small bits

After some extreme frustrations at work and having to take a day off for my mental wellbeing, they moved me to another department, so i’ve switched from the servicedesk to the projects team which is more based around new installs or implementations rather than just troubleshooting day to day stuff. It’s shocking how much management can affect the simple day to day feeling of your job, even if nothing had really changed requirements wise, just the change in management made me hate every minute of work.

The rest of the month, as you may or may not know, has been all this Coronavirus/COVID-19 shit, which has been super interesting but also a bit shit. I’ve loved seeing the natural human reactions and quick devolution of the british public, the underlying racism which has bubbled to the surface, and the sheer stupidity of some of our citizens. It has however made food shopping quite frustrating, and the now forced quarantine is a bit annoying as I can’t go out to town and have a shop around etc, or even see my own mother on mothers day (as she is high likelyhood of having it, due to work).
They have switched us to working from home which is equal parts nice and not, I love being able to wake up 5 minutes before work starts, and use my own peripherals, however it does also feel a bit lonely at times and it feels like i’m in the same spot all day. It’s also caused havok and stress regarding our next holiday, which was due to be Portugal in mid May – which is now looking very unlikely, I guess i’m just glad that it wasn’t a larger holiday as our investment in this was only a few hundred quid.

That’s all for now, we’re all fine and healthy still, plenty of food in the fridge, tons of loo roll in the cupboard, just waiting for it all to blow over so I can visit my local bubble tea shop again.