The furlough life – April 2020

So late towards the end of March, my company decided to use the government Furlough scheme on a third of our workforce. It makes sense really, and I don’t blame them for doing so – I recently changed from support to projects which basically means new installs/setups, but obviously nobody wants to invest in their IT when the economy is going down the shitter and income is drying up as everyone goes into hiding.

The scheme basically means i’m on leave for 2 months at 80% wage – which, i’m actually loving, i mean when they mentioned it and asked for volunteers I thought ‘surely this is too good not to volunteer for?’ When else in my life am I going to get paid 80% to not work?

The month has gone crazy fast, 4 weeks almost now, just whoosh.
I’ve been passing my time by going through my games backlog, picking up new games, catching up on anime and TV, and doing all the household chores and experimenting around with food a little more.

So what have I actually been playing this month?

Started and finished Dead Rising 4 – fun but ultimately pretty forgettable

Started Catherine – Enjoying it, but the puzzles are actually really stressful, I wish I put it on easy or something because i’m playing it more for the story than the climbing segments.

Started and finished Doom Eternal – Great FPS, and much longer than I expected, though I actually think I prefer the simplicity of Doom 2016.

Finished off Shantae and the Pirates curse – Eh, it was OK, nice characters but kind of weak as a metroidvania goes.

Started and finished Hitman 2 – and by that I mean i’ve done all missions once, I bought the DLC and finished those as well. I’m still doing some extra runs to play around and see the other outcomes, but I suspect i’ll get bored way before I run out of content, I played a fair bit of Hitman 1 and unfortunately the progress doesn’t carry.

Started and finished Forager – Bought this one while it was on sale as I had my eye on it for a while, I’ve been really craving a crafting/automation style game and this scratched the itch

Started and finished Resident Evil 3 (remake) – Bit disappointing after playing REmake2? Still enjoying it I guess but it felt like they just did the bare minimum required to push the game out. Really short, only 6 hours for my first playthrough and I would say I was taking my time.

Started up Final Fantasy 7 remake – Absolutely loving this so far, like way more than I thought I would, I had the opportunity to play it for a while but had no urge to, thought I may as well seeing as I have the time right now and I’ve been totally sucked in. The music was amazing, the characters and graphics are stunning, Tifa’s side boob in chapter 9 probably has more polygons than the entirety of everything on screen in the original and god bless.

Continued playing Call of Duty MW Warzone – this has replaced Apex for me for now, really loving this BR and it’s so much fun to play with friends, the gunplay feels really good.

I’ve also given Valorant a try after getting a beta key, if i’m honest, i’m not really impressed, I like the idea but the art style or something about the way things are conveyed on screen just isn’t satisfying, like getting kills or shooting ingame doesn’t feel as fun as in counter strike.