The furlough life – May 2020

Yikes. How is it that sitting at home doing nothing productive makes time go so damn fast? It’s almost mid June now and I’ve not been at work for almost 2 and a half months.
An email from work at the end of may suggests I may not be going back until the end of July which would make 4 full months – the most time i’ve had off in what feels like forever.

I’m still doing OK and enjoying the time off, though the honeymoon period is over I suppose, I really miss being able to just go out to the shops or get bubble tea and pho in Kingston.
I’ve been passing the time with baking, and a possibly unhealthy serving of games and TV

What have I been playing?

Started and finished Gris – which was nice but a little bit simple, it’s more of a walking sim than a platformer

Started and finished Turmoil – reminds me a bit of motherlode, one of those drill for resources and then upgrade so you can drill faster kind of games, simple but surprisingly fun.

Started up Middle Earth Shadow of War – which was fun for a few hours but they really went all in with the nemesis shit, it got boring pretty quick because it feels like that’s all you do in the game – just run to place, kill a dude, repeat.

Started and finished Swords of Ditto – Pretty boring honestly, didn’t take long to finish at least (though i’m certainly not replaying it 5 times for the true ending)

Finally finished off Druidstone – Was 90% of the way through and just abandoned it for no real reason, good to tick this one off.

Started and Finished Bloodstained ROTN – Way better than I thought it would be, pretty traditional Igavania game and that’s not a bad thing. I actually wish they would remaster the gameboy ones because they were all really good as well and I don’t think I finished many of them.

Started and finished Warsaw – It’s a bit darkest dungeon, mixed with this war of mine. It was decent, though not in any real rush to play through it again.

Finished Raiden 5 – it was shit.

Replayed/Finished Legend of Grimrock – I started it ages ago but never saw the end, lost my save so had to start from the beginning but nbd. Loved it, but the sequel was better (as it should be), I hope they make a third.

Playing through Project Warlock and Shadow Warrior – Both filling that brainless FPS need

Started Molek-Syntez – yeah it’s another zachtronics alright. As usual im sure i’ll get half way through and then abandon it, it may have already happened.

Started up Trillion – I don’t really understand the game, its like some sort of incremental game but with the same boss battle every now and then, but the boss battle is really boring…

Slowly making my way through Train Valley 2 – got it free from the humble, it’s actually really good, but quite hard and stressful as the game goes on.

Started and probably dropped Jurassic world evolution – It was fun, but quite samey after a while. I don’t think I can be bothered to make another park.
it’s also made me realise that I probably don’t want to buy Planet Zoo at anywhere near full price…

Bought the Holy Potatoes! pack while it was on sale – All pretty simple games, but really good time killers because I can play it while watching Netflix, I’ve been watching shitloads of ‘Shark Tank’, I regret nothing.

Started and finished Dishonoured 2 – Admittedly still not the biggest fan of this series but it was alright I guess, I think my main problem is that it really wants you to play stealthy and penalizes you for not doing so, but gives you so many skills to let you kill people so there’s that constant inner conflict.

Then there are the months humble monthly games – which, honestly i’m really liking all of them so far. I’ve played Barotrauma with Anony and it’s been great fun (we went in completely blind without the tutorial and it was such a hilarious mess), i’m also slowly making my way through the Messenger, and I think i’m towards the end of Supraland, which is a shockingly underrated game.