MBA v6 is live

After being with webhost for 11 years, the time finally came to leave. It seems they are trying to get rid of smaller customers like me in favour of bigger fish willing to spend more money – which I totally understand, but still a shame, some revenue is better than 0 revenue right? but perhaps they don’t think so.

Over the last 5 years alone, my monthly renewal costs went from £23 to the price they wanted for this/next year which was £57, which would be bad on it’s own, but they are bragging about this price being a special offer and that the price would increase again next year – and this is their lowest package.

So, long story short, i’m now with french webhost – recommended to me by a friend, and the cheapest option by quite a clear margin. Allegedly their support is awful, so lets hope I never have to use that.

Migrating everything between hosts was a nightmare which took 2 days or so. The majority came across fine but the media library was completely fucked – this is a backend thing which only I see, but it basically meant I had no access to old pictures. I ended up having to manually apply some ghetto fixes by copying SQL tables and renaming existing stuff, but we got there in the end.
I’m sure there are still some small issues, anything major please let me know.

This is the 6th time the site has had an overhaul, you can see previous versions in the history page


  • Fav icon updated from the old pixel font M
  • Front page redesigned
  • Fonts have changed across the board and is now more readable i think
  • Featured images function is now being used, unfortunately all old posts just have a placeholder image.
  • Some backend changes mean that old photo albums may not work in terms of being able to zoom the pictures, i’ll be addressing some of these in time.
  • Banner/subtitle changed to reflect my age