2 days in Brecon Beacons (Wales)

We initially booked some time off to go to Canada, but with Covid shuttering that idea, we ended up booking a single night in a B&B over in wales, and exploring the gorgeous Brecon Beacons national park.

It was foggy/rainy on our first day, so while we got some ‘mysterious’ views of the landscape, it wasn’t until day 2 that we realised how incredible the scenery was, with mountains and forestry sprawling into the distance.
The rain on day 1 also made our hike really challenging, I assume it isn’t usually this hard, but the trail has a lot of rocky slopes, and the mud/slippery stones made going up and down quite hard

All i really went there for was the 4 waterfalls trail, and so on Day 2 I honestly didn’t really know what to do, I ended up plotting a course on google maps which vaguely just went north and then swung back round south, before we would continue north to do a quick visit of the Cotswolds – this random detour ended up being the best part of the trip, with empty country roads flanked by some incredible views, our drive north unbeknownst to me, led up a massive hill which resulted in one of the best natural vista’s I’ve ever seen.