Bread loaf recipe V2


420g – Strong white bread flour
300ml – Warm Water
7g – Allinsons easy bake yeast
1tsp – Course Salt
1tsp – White granulated Sugar
1tsp – Garlic Powder
1tsp – Onion Powder

Sesame edition:
+2tbsp Sesame Oil
+Sesame Seeds

Quick Directions

– Combine all dry ingredients, mix with fork or whisk to ensure properly mixed
– Add Water, combine into dough using your hands
– Form into ball and leave in bowl
– Clingfilm mixing bowl and leave 1hr in warm location
DOUGH PHASE 2 (After first rest)
– Flour bench, remove and do a quick knead of the dough (2-5mins)
– Align gluten but folding into itself and using this as a base [youtube]
– – Optional Sesame Bread step : Roll onto Sesame seeds to give sesame crust
– Place into bread tin, or onto parchment paper on a baking tray, do not cover, let rise for 30-40 mins
– – Flour the top, and cut the top slightly if you want that aesthetic, but if you don’t know how to cut it, skip this step.
– Preheat oven to 240^C, place a baking tray with high sides on the bottom shelf (eg. roasting tray)
– Boil Kettle, pour into the roasting tray on the bottom shelf (to create steam), then put your Bread into the oven on the middle shelf.
– Cook 15 mins, then turn the heat down to 210^C
– Cook another 15-25 minutes (until the bread is the colour you like)
– OPTIONAL: Remove water tray, Remove bread from oven, flip the bread, or remove from the tin, and put back into the oven upside down 10mins to harden the underside
– Allow bread to cool somewhat before slicing, although eating when it’s still warm with butter and a tiny bit of salt is an actual slice of heaven.