Life – Mar 2021

Where does the time go.
Since my last update (forever ago) we’ve had a few small things happen, but for the most part it’s been fairly mundane, moreso than usual as you can imagine as the whole country is still in full lockdown. Honestly the worst part of it is not having any travel booked, when you have something in the calendar it kind of helps and gives you this feeling of having something to look forward to.

Found a new job
Nothing fancy, and doing pretty much the same as I used to do, I can’t say im ecstatic to be there but money is money and I didn’t have to take a pay cut despite it being in the middle of a pandemic, so I’m taking that as a win.

We had a crazy snow day
Seriously heavy snow, for the first time in what feels like years and certainly the first time since we moved to this house. We went for a really nice walk in the field/park near our place and it was the most excitement we had in ages (considering lockdown etc)

Upgraded my PC
long time coming, ever since I bought my high refresh rate monitor back at the end of 2019 It’s become apparent that my CPU just wasn’t up to the task of pushing out those extra frames – benchmarking software suggested that I was being bottlenecked by CPU half the time, and games like Apex I was getting quite considerable stuttering.
Was trying to get a hold of a Ryzen 5900X but they are so rare (or marked up) that I went with a 5800X, paired with a new Case (Meshify 2) and a new AIO, Motherboard and RAM to go with it.
It’s been a pretty nice upgrade with a good boost in framerates across the board in higher performance games, most importantly it’s squashed a lot of the microstutter I was getting in certain games, and as a bonus, the new case has more fans and thus runs quieter (from 2x 200mm, 1x120mm – to (5x140mm)

Started going blind
I have no idea what’s happening, but my right eye has a haze/blurriness to it now, I’ve been to the opticians twice and they say everything looks fine, so now I’m waiting on the GP/hospital to get back to me, yay. I hope i’m not dying.