Life – June 2021

Jesus we’re half way through the year already?
I suppose we’re still in a semi lockdown situation so not a whole lot of socializing or going out, the days and weeks mesh together as we sit indoors and just play vidya.
Looking through the camera roll and calendar, it’s been fairly uneventful, but here are some things that happened in the last few months.

I went for some walkies

With all the shops closed, we’ve had to find alternate places to go, mostly being parks. Off particular note, apparently one of the nearby parks to us is right behind a zoo, and so as you walk down one of the paths you can peer through the fence and say hi to this random pair of camels – not really what you’d expect to see in a british park.
On an entirely different day, I also went to London for dinner with my dad and we came across a ‘fuck china’ protest, advocating for Hong Kong rights

New TV

I got a new TV from a friend who was leaving the country, initially felt like a steal, replacing my old LG 43″ TV (1080p) with a fancy 55″ Samsung Smart TV for £200. But to my surprise, this TV has actually caused me all manner of nightmare, and it’s the weirdest shit that you wouldn’t really expect from such a pricey TV.
For starters, if I’m playing games on my PC, and the PC is connected to the TV, I get a weird buzzing/feedback noise coming from the speakers attached to my PC – really bizarre.
Secondly, and more importantly, the TV just can’t seem to keep up with video coming from the PC? If I’m watching youtube or something, occasionally the framerate just tanks for a few seconds before returning to 60, and this might happen once every few minutes, again, never used to have this issue on my old TV. Never buying a Samsung TV again, that’s for sure.

New Games / Path of Exile

Since moving on from FFXIV, I’ve been playing all sorts,
Finished Xcom chimera squad, Subnautica Below Zero, Control, Tacoma, Ori 2..
And then found myself getting back into Apex Legends, and more recently we picked up Path of Exile.
We went in as a group of 5, but one promptly dropped out, saying he wasn’t really feeling it, and honestly I kind of get it because I was in that same boat as well, I mostly just kept playing because it was nice to hang out and catch up with friends, at some point though (i think around level 40) it all just clicked, and suddenly we were hooked.
It kind of reminds me of when I wrote a blog post about how I didn’t get why people enjoy dark souls, and then at some point through forcing myself to play dark souls 2, this wave of understanding washed over me and I was converted from there on.
So yeah, we’re enjoying that, i’m playing a lightning witch and having a ton of fun, hopefully the game continues to get better as we close in on endgame.

Heres a picture of me and a comically large group of my summoned minions.

Declining Health

Man, when you hit your 30’s shit really just goes downhill.
I started the year having awful skin, I’ve always had eczema but it seems to have only gotten worse the last few years. Finally after some struggling I saw a dermatologist who put me on some immunosuppressants, which appear to be working for now (though not really something I like the idea of taking, especially during a global fucking pandemic, but at least I’m not going outdoors much).

As life is though with me, just one problem after another, and the blurring mentioned in my last blog post transpired to be a Cataract as a result of long term corticosteroid use for treating my skin, most annoying of all is that I have private healthcare with Aviva but they refused to cover it, saying that because it’s caused by another medicine/condition, it’s not covered, what a rip-off company.

So anyway, 3 months on, Aviva did thankfully cover one private consultation so I was able to get diagnosed, the NHS have also diagnosed me but when I asked for my cataract artificial lens to be set for a medium distance (so I can use a computer without glasses) the eye “specialist” didn’t know what to do, and referred me to another doctor – the wait list for which is apparently 2-3 fucking months, and only after i’ve seen them, can I be put on the wait list for Surgery which is again, 2-3 months, I was warned that it may be longer as I want general anaesthetic (I sure as fuck do not want to be awake as they operate on my eyeball).

You would think that partial blindness is one eye is not that bad, something I could deal with for 4-6 months, but man, it is ROUGH, going outside feels like someone is shining a torch into one eye, sometimes it gets stuck trying to focus on something (which it can’t focus on) and then my eye will just ache for hours, loads of headaches, dangerous to drive, etc etc.

The long story short is that I’ve opted to just go private with the operation, it’s going to cost me about £3200 which is a shit load of money – I feel kind of depressed because that could easily be a cruise, a holiday to Japan, or similar, but at the end of the day I really don’t want to have to deal with months of pain, i’d maybe feel more at ease if the NHS at least gave me some dates, but it’s been SO vague – I booked my private surgery 2 weeks ago and the op is on Friday, I had my NHS consultation over a month ago, and haven’t heard a thing about next steps.

So yeah, them’s the breaks, wish me luck, and treasure your eyesight, because you never know what tomorrow will bring.