So I had my cataract surgery yesterday, I believe the procedure went well, or at least I was told it was a success. From what I can (literally) see, it seems to have helped, though quality isn’t quite as good as I had hoped, but i’ll explain more on that later.

My cataract developed as a result of corticosteroid use on my face, due to serious eczema problems, I was having consistent serious issues around my right eye and side of face, and I guess some of the steroid cream I was using must have started finding it’s way in, and from there it was GG.
The symptoms developed pretty quickly, around Jan-Feb2021 I started to notice what could only be described as a smudge in my vision, I didn’t do anything for a few weeks thinking maybe I just scratched my eye and it needed time to heal, It did not.

Went to the opticians who took a look, and said that my right eye has become long sighted (both my eyes were slightly short @ -0.5ish before), how strange, but I guess that explains it? maybe? The glasses took a week to make. They did not help, I told them this and did another eye test and they changed the prescription slightly, they still did not help, I got a referral to my GP at this time who questioned further, and then got a referral to the hospital eye unit, where a useless doctor checked my eyes, said I might need surgery then sent me on my way without telling me what was wrong, said they would book me a follow up appointment, they did not.

A month passed, and through Aviva private healthcare (which I have through my company), I managed to get to see a private ophthalmologist who confirmed I have a cataract, he explained thoroughly and laid out my options. Aviva unfortunately wouldn’t cover the surgery as they said it was due to another medicine I was taking (complete bullshit, fuck Aviva), as a result, I opted to book another appointment with the NHS, which took a month, it was now May.

The 2nd NHS appointment didn’t go great either, she told me that I had a cataract (so at least they made it that far), but while discussing about the artificial lens, she didn’t know enough to answer my questions and so ended up referring me to an occuplastics specialist – they would answer my questions and THEN put me on the waiting list for surgery, I have yet to receive an appointment date for this and it’s been a month now.

The headaches, migraines, eye strain (the muscle would sometimes just be trying to focus on something really hard, and wouldn’t relax, really painful), and general not being able to go outside was brutal, and after a few weeks I decided to just get the job done privately, it was not cheap, costing £3200 (and the hospital is trying to charge me for other stuff too now, like £175 for blood tests, without informing me, or giving me an option), but at least it’s done now, I only had to wait 3 weeks from request to surgery and so considering I would be waiting 3-6 more months for the NHS, I’m considering that money reasonably well spent to be able to enjoy the rest of my summer.

The actual surgery itself was ok I guess, I opted to be put to sleep because Im terrified of shit near my eyes and needles, and this seemed like it might involve both of those combined, so most of the pain is actually from the canula where they injected the anaesthesia, eye stung a bit on the day, but it seems alright today (day after), pre-op they did have to put a tablet in my eye, as well as some eye drops though (I can confirm that having a tablet in your eye is not comfortable at all).
From here on out, it’s 12 eye drops a day for a week, and a plastic shielding over my eye when I sleep to stop myself from accidentally touching/rubbing it, wish me luck!

For those curious what it’s like to have a Catract, I made some pictures.

For anyone in the London Area, i’m happy to plug for my ophthalmologist, Mr Wagh @