Life – September 2021 – Burnout period

3 Months later? and I guess 4 since my last ‘Life’ post.
The year continues to fly by, a side effect of semi-lockdown and working from home I guess.

Work burnout, and the future

So I’ve been pretty miserable at work lately, I think particularly exacerbated by the small team we have and people taking leave or whatever, I used to kind of think that I was okay doing my current job (IT support) but I don’t know if its my current company, or the recent work conditions but this just does not seem sustainable long term – the constant barrage of work with zero job satisfaction, the reward for doing your job well being that you just get more work to do.

I’ve been looking for a way out, and as a result i’ve been learning to code when I have energy to do so, I’m learning Javascript at the moment, with a sprinkling of HTML and CSS, courtesy of the full stack dev course at codecademy – the money is apparently great if you get experienced but honestly at this point I’d happily settle for a lower salary as long as it comes with some job satisfaction and a sense of being challenged.

Health / post OP recovery

Skin has been better thanks to the immunosuppressants which the doctor prescribed, obviously wasn’t ideal taking them through a pandemic, but I’m still alive and have had my 2 vaccines now so I’m happy enough with that.

The cataract recovery went well enough, however not quite a happy ending yet, as I’m now experiencing some posterior capsular opacification – which is a fancy way of saying that my eye is becoming clouded again, albeit not as extreme as last time thankfully. I’ve got a further laser eye surgery booked for next month to sort that out. Here’s hoping it goes well.
It’s mostly just a haze which I particularly notice when it’s dark, it’s a strange sensation, a bit like a dirty windscreen in your car, which you only notice when the light shines through in a certain way.

Potentially moving?

Don’t want to full on announce this as we’re still waiting for completion, but we’ve found a house and are looking to buy and move, it’s a 3 bed in a nice little area, outside of London but not suuuper far, so we can still visit friends/London/family when we want to. Estimated move in is maybe start of November.

Free Play City

Went to FreePlayCity in north london, it was really cool. £10 entry cost and then play as much as you like, tons of music games which are unavailable anywhere else (to my knowledge).
They’ve apparently now got Maimai now as well.


Man, it feels like it’s been so hard to fit games in tbh, between all of the scheduled fun on weekdays, and trying to study, I haven’t really played that much (or so it feels anyway).

I finished ‘Paradise Killer’, which was really good, kind of like danganronpa and phoenix wright but in a full open world, very unique and fully recommended.

And that’s kind of it? wow. really? I played some of Last of Us 2, but promptly forgot about it because it’s on the ps4 and I always forget about that thing (I spend most of my free time in front of the PC and thus if it isn’t on steam, I forget it exists).
Played a ton of Path of Exile, but then got a bit burnt out because this patch basically made the game really hard to play if you aren’t using meta builds, didn’t enjoy spectral shield throw and so I’m probably just waiting for next patch to roll around at this point.

Have been dabbling with a bit of Stardew valley expanded, which is kind of a balance overhaul for stardew along with some new areas and characters – enjoying it, but still can’t beat the joy of that first playthrough.

And most recently have been playingRecord of Lodoss War – Deedlit in Wonder Labyrinth‘ – what a name, it’s a great game though, distinctly symphony of the night in style but with a lot of modern updates, similar to bloodstained I suppose.