What it’s like to have a YAG laser capsulotomy

So, after having my cataract surgery 3 months ago, I found my sight slowly starting to get hazy again, nowhere near as significant as before, but more a feeling of not being able to read things at distance, or at night in particular it felt like I was wearing dirty glasses or something, today I went to St Thomas Hospital in London to have the Laser surgery done.

I was told it would be fairly quick, which to be fair, I guess it was, a cocktail of eyedrops (to dilate the pupil, to something, and to numb the eye) were put in, stung as usual, but soon to be the least of my worries then after doing some normal eye tests and taking my eye pressure using that awful tool (it’s like a gun with a small pinhead on the end, and my understanding is that rests on the surface of your eye and then they can measure your eye pressure through the vibrations) was taken through to the room with the laser machine.

It looks pretty much like a normal eye test machine, put your chin on the rest, and look into the red light – unfortunately because of the eye drops and dilation, the light on the machine was really bright, hard to look at, still – propped my head in place.
I’ve read some details on the procedure before, and they mention that the Dr will put a contact lens on your eye to be able to see your eye properly while they laser you – what the sites do not mention is that it is a literal glass lens, which they put in contact with your eye, it looks kind of like one of those add-on lenses you can attach to your phone camera [image].

So for the procedure itself, you are in the frame, chin on the stand, looking into a machine with just a red dot, and he puts the lens so that it’s touching your eyeball – this also means that you cannot blink. The next minute or two was a bit of a blur, him telling me to look to my left/down/etc and me with both eyes open kind of trying to look in that direction, but not really sure if both of my eyes are doing it, or just my left (good) eye.

The machine began to fire, making some zapping noises, I couldn’t really see anything, I felt the first few zaps very faintly but it doesn’t really hurt at all, the sensation of a man putting glass against your eye is definitely the bigger concern. As he began to zap away, in my peripheral vision I could begin to see floaters – tons of floaters, it felt like looking through a fast lava lamp or the bubbles from an underwater gas vent, bubbling up in the corner of my eye.

After maybe a minute or two (simultaneously managed to feel short, and forever, but I think in reality it was defo less than 3 minutes) he pulled away and said the work was done, I was surprised.

He said hopefully by tomorrow my vision should be better, as I type this (4 hours later) things are still pretty blurry, but then even a routine eye test feels similar after they dilate your pupils, so here’s hoping that things are improved by tomorrow, as i’ve been getting a lot of headaches lately, which I suspect is related to vision/reading.

Background info for anyone stumbling in from Google:
Male, early 30’s, developed Cataract initially due to steroid creams getting into eyes,
work done by Dr Wagh @ londoneyespecialist (no complaints, very professional)
work done privately, the initial cataract surgery was around £3k, since then ive had a follow-up checkup, and now this laser procedure done inclusive of that price.