Life – December 2021 – New beginnings

And so, the sun sets on 2021, our second year dealing with Covid-19.

It feels like it’s been a real rollercoaster of a year, and despite a lot of anxiety, I feel like things are going to get better.
Christmas this year was better than last at least, with some social meetups happening, got some small gifts which are really nice, and some thoughtful game choices from friends will almost certainly tide me until mid year at the rate i’m progressing through them.
It was the first christmas at our new place, and the neighbourhood being lit up in christmas lights makes me feel like we’ve chosen quite a nice place to live – i’m hoping we’ll get some snow soon, as we have a forest walk literally out the front of our house and it’ll be amazing to see it covered in snow if we get a blizzard similar to last year.

2021’s Events:

  • Upgraded my PC (changed from intel to AMD, new case and fans
  • Diagnosed with a cataract in my eye
  • Had operation to remove cataract in eye, and then additional laser follow-up surgery
  • Bought a house (!!!)
  • Moved house
  • Went to France for a holiday
  • Quit my job in IT support

I’ll post some pictures of my new place at some point, but we’re still getting furniture and decorating etc, it’s a lot of white walls right now…

As mentioned above, I ended up quitting my job, I just wasn’t happy there. I switched to part time for 2 months so that I could get the house sorted, and then my last day was officially last day of the year, so I’m a free man now – free to ponder my own existence and wonder if i’ll be able to make this career swap work at least…