Life – April 2022

So yeah, we accidentally forgot about the blog for 3 months again.

Here’s whats new.

Career Change

So some may know that since late last year, I’ve been doing some self study on the side learning how to code,
This progressed to going part time at work, and then in the new year, I quit my job and did development learning and self projects full time.
I’m happy to say that after 3 months of this, i’ve managed to land my first job in development – and like buses, I had nothing at all until a week where I had 5 interviews, followed by 5 followup interviews and 3 job offers (I turned the other 2 interviews down).

Hard work pays off I guess, it feels really good to know that I put my mind to something, put in the work and have gotten a result from it.
I’m starting the new job next week, and hopefully it goes well.

New Medicine

I don’t know if i’ve mentioned this yet, but I started taking Dupixent, which is meant to be ‘the’ eczema control drug – it costs a bomb and is delivered by injection (and it stings like hell), i’ve been on it 3 months now maybe and the results have been kind of disappointing, though at least I haven’t had any severe flareups.
If I were to try and quantify:
– On no drugs at all, the worst cases are a 10, and the baseline is a 5
– With Dupixent so far, the worst cases are a 7, and the baseline is a 3

It’s unfortunately a big of a step down from the last drug I was using – Ciclosporin, which set my baseline to a 1 and worst case being like a 4, but that also had the side effect of (apparently) causing my kidney to stop functioning, which isn’t ideal, so I had to be taken off it as my levels were getting dangerous.

Future of MBA

Inevitable perhaps, but I keep forgetting about this site, which means that there is no reason for anyone to visit, which means I have no reason to update, etc.
The hosting renews in August, so I have some time to reconsider, but at current, i’m not sure if i’ll renew…
15 years is a good run though, right?