Meng’s Bizarre Adventure is my own semi-personal website, I like to fill it with amateur games reviews, discuss the latest news or advancements in the game industry, talk about anime, or share personal life stories.

This blog was actually created after my first ever shift at my first paid job, the experience was so intense that I felt the need to tell the world, and so I did.
Since then, I’ve gone through 3 years of University, countless video games, 200+ anime series, 4 jobs, 5 overseas Holidays, and multiple life crises.
Slightly hectic perhaps, but I think it all makes for great content, just don’t expect all of it to be good, logical, or even legible – this is 7 years of my life we’re talking about after all, and you’d be surprised how much one can change in that sort of timespan.
And of course, we’re still going.
I hope you’ll bookmark the homepage, and join me on my Bizarre Adventure.



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