What you should be watching – Anime recommendations Summer 2019

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Looking like a pretty decent season as Anime goes, and compared to last season where I was only following 4 series, I think i’ll have a lot to watch this summer.
See below for some of the better ones.

Fire Force / Enen no Shouboutai

Fire force is from the creator of soul eater, and is about a supernatural fire fighting crew – why do they need powers? because the fires are corrupted humans who have spontaneously combusted and become living infernos.
It’s a dumb premise but it has that Soul Eater charm and a very competent animation studio.

O Maidens in Your Savage Season / Araburu Kisetsu no Otome-domo yo

It’s a romantic/drama/comedy about girls in a literary club who start to wonder about sexual relations etc. A little bit dirty, but mostly endearing, and so far probably actually my favourite this season.

Vinland Saga

Vinland saga has so done a good job of world building and finally seems to be getting started at Episode 3. About a boy trapped behind enemy lines with vikings and stuff. It actually kind of reminds me of the recent God Of War – with a Kratos and Atreus situation.
Time will tell if this one will live up to expectations, but I’ve heard someone say that the manga is one of the best they’ve read.

Dr Stone

I’m actually a little apprehensive about recommending Dr Stone because i’m not convinced its going to be good, but it certainly seems to have the most hype around it this season, and many have said that the manga is really good. So far i’m enjoying it, but the characters and progression all seem a little too convenient for the main character.

In terms of plot, everyone gets turned to stone and a few thousand years pass, and some science teacher basically intends to go from caveman era to ??? using the power of science. It all plays out a bit like watching anime version of ‘Primitive technology’ from youtube

Honorable mentions:

I’m not sure I want to fully recommend these, but i’ll mention them anyway as they’ll appeal to some tastes:

Cop Craft
Like a mafia/cop tale except his partner is some sort of elf princess or something? Think supernatural cop drama and you’re almost there. First episode was good but i’ve not seen the second yet.

One for the pervs, seems to be a harem show but every girl has a fetish, the first episode has a girl that puts a collar on and asks to be treated like a dog – and the second episode is even more extreme. I’ll just leave it at that.

Okaa-san Online
Almost certainly going to be bad in the long run, but seems to be the best of the trash isekai shows this season. Main character goes into a game world and his mum tags along and is OP as hell.

How heavy are the dumbbells you lift?
A bunch of girls who go to the gym and lift. It’s not particularly good but I feel inspired to hit the gym every time I watch, so theres that at least. Also the opening and ending are catchy as hell.

Anime Recommendations – Winter 2018/19

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So it’s been ages since I’ve done one of these, I don’t really have the time to go through every single shitty show nowadays, though I still do manage to watch a lot of them unfortunately.
I suppose moreso I don’t have time to blog and tell you about every single shitty show i’ve watched.

I’m pretty lazy so from now on i’ll probably just use these posts to inform what’s actually good and worth your time each season – though obviously tastes may vary.

Winter 2018/2019 Shows

So, whats good this season?

Mob Psycho 100 – 2

If you saw the original Mob Psycho you know what to expect here, there’s a little less character progression though Reigen does get a little arc of his own, the majority of the season however seems to have been building up to where it is now – where out of nowhere it’s gone balls deep with Mob and friends defending to city from a team of Esper Terrorists – there hasn’t been as many ‘oh shit’ moments as the first season yet but definitely solid.


Promised Neverland

Has to be seen to be understood, watch the first episode.
Best psychological / battle of wits shows I’ve seen in some time, even though the whole “we’re all 12 years old” thing is kind of unbelievable.


The Quintessential Quintuplets

Ok I admit, this one is pure trash, but I love it so i’m putting it here anyway. It’s a pretty generic harem show but i’ve gotten totally sucked into rooting for my favourite.



Domestic Girlfriend

Bit of a forbidden love triangle story this one, ever slept with a girl and then the next day find out that your dad has remarried and said girl is now your step-sister?
and the other girl whom you’ve fancied for ages is now also a step-sister? Awkward.



Anime: What you should be watching this season – Spring 2017

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Okay so, Upon watching most of the things this season, I have come to the conclusion that near everything is trash.

Real talk, there are maybe 2 or 3 new shows that i’ll be following this season, which is super low for me.
Thankfully there are at least some 2nd seasons to very good shows this season – Attack on Titan Season 2 is shaping up to be super interesting already, and My Hero Academia returns for a 2nd season as well.

Least worst of the bunch:

This is actually in the show.

Eromanga Sensei
7 – This seasons ‘I hate onii-chan show’, with manga writing big brother and erotic artist little sister


Sakura Quest
6 – This season’s PA Works anime, about a useless girl sent to the countryside to become a tourism ambassador. First episode was ok


Renai Boukun
7 – ‘Kiss Note’, whoever’s names are written will fall in love. And by the end of the first episode we already have a harem love triangle thing happening, including a Yuri sis-con, a Yandere and an idiot character. It’s literal trash, but i’ll be damned if it isn’t entertaining trash.


Everything else is kind of trash:

Hinako Note
6 – Opening and ending videos consist of adorable anime preteens dancing and making kawaii uguu faces =^_^= , also one of the girls looks suspiciously like konata from lucky star. Shy girl from the country moves to the big city and wants to start a theatre troupe with her friends. Seems to have some potential if you are into cute girls doing cute things.

Tsuki ga Kirei
6 – High school romance show, about a shy boy and girl. Very vanilla and quite realistic so far, which is a good thing because so help me if they get magical sword powers by episode 2.

Zero kara Hajimeru Mahou no Sho (Grimoire of Zero)
6 – Perpetually hunted manbeast meets powerful loli mage. They team up to be persecuted together. Seems watchable, if not particularly new or innovative.

Sagrada Reset
5 – Has potential maybe, town where everyone has powers. One boy has 100% memory, whilst another girl can rewind time up to 3 days. From there they solve crimes or something I think. Episode 2 was kind of dull though,otherwise I might have rated it higher.

Rokudenashi Majitsu Koushi to akashic records
4 – Useless teacher in a magic school. Kind of painful to watch such an irritating character take centre stage, the shows only saving grace is that the school uniforms appeal to a wide range of fetishes

4 – Japanese deity comes saves schoolboy and lives with him, probably goes shows up in his class as a transfer student in episode 2. That sort of show.

Sekaisuru Kado
4 – Stories of an “Ace Negotiator”, whatever that means. First episode kind of boring, not sure where it’s going to go.

Fukumenkei Noise
4 – Kind of dull school music/romance story? Has a really awful animation style where the main character ‘sings’ with this face :O and it totally doesn’t match.

Clockwork Planet
4 – A planet made from clockwork, though it looks suspiciously like normal japan but with androids and a strange fixation on gear based furniture. It’s a sudden girl appearance at it’s core, with an extra helping of generic battle show.

3 – Reverse ‘teleported into a video game’ story, with characters from an Anime teleported into the real world. They still have powers though. First impressions were not very good…

Granblue Fantasy
3 – Generic fantasy show based on mobile game. Interesting character design but not a whole lot else.

Gin no Guardian
2 – Not a goddamn clue. Superpowered schoolkid show again? It tried doing some strange storytelling stuff and I wasn’t interested enough to pay attention so I have no idea if they showed 2 separate shows cut up, or if the schoolboy is somehow linked to the superpower dude fighting monsters in an apocalyptic world.

1 – “lets make a school club based on crossdressing men who wear makeup and perform theatre”. I’ll be honest I couldn’t be bothered to hit 50% of ep 1.

Oushitsu Kyoushi Haine
1 – “Royal Tutor”, show about some shorty who gets appointed to be the tutor for 5 handsome but asshole princes who all have bad attitudes and annoying quirks, Wasn’t really funny or very entertaining so i’m not sure if it’s a bad comedy or boring serious show. MIght be targeting women?







What you should be watching this season – Winter 2016/17

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Small but solid collection of decent shows this season, or maybe i’m just getting lazier in terms of watching and filtering the trash.


QT Vampire Tier

Interviews with monster girls (Demi-chan wa Kataritai)

Featuring a teacher in a school with a bunch of demi-human girls and his journey to learn more about them – a vampire, a dullahan, a succubus and a snow woman. Comedy with a touch of harem and featuring some adorable schoolgirls. Definitely recommend giving the first episode a watch at least to see if you like it.


Also worth watching I suppose


Little Witch Academia

Think anime harry potter but with more emphasis on comedy, and animated by studio trigger. Little witch academia is a joy to watch, just like the films which precede it. Each episode seems pretty self contained as well, if you’re into that sort of thing.


Masamune-Kun’s Revenge

A former fatty gets buff and decides to take revenge on a girl who broke his heart, by seducing her only to break her heart back.
That description actually makes this show sound way more hardcore than it actually is.


Scum’s Wish (Kuzu no Honkai)

A rather dark and serious romantic drama – saying much more would be telling, but it’s lewd and way more serious than I thought it would be. Best to go in blind.


Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid

As bad as this show sounds, with it’s plotline of ‘a dragon which becomes a maid’, this show is actually surprisingly entertaining and adorable. Won’t be winning any awards, but quite enjoyable to throw on in the background.



Reminder: Konosuba Season 2 is airing as well.

What you should be watching this season – Autumn 2016 Anime Roundup

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Here’s this season’s stuff, from best to worst. Personally I’m probably not going to follow anything under a 7 unless it gets rave reviews once the season progresses.


Yuuri On Ice – 8
Ice skater Yuuri tries to go from last in season to champion



To be hero – 8
Short (12 min eps) comedy about a sleazy toilet seat salesman who gets sucked into a toilet and given superpowers, but physically changes appearance into a perverted fat old man, not really your conventional superhero…



Keijo – 7
Pure fanservice, and absolutely fucking retarded, but maybe worth watching because of just how shit it is? It’s based on a sport where you have to push people into water using only your ass or tits, and naturally there are girls who can swing their ass into other people’s jaws so fast that they become unconscious (and that other girls can’t even see what she did). Fucking ridiculous garbage but I might have to watch another episode… Bonus pic



Kiss Him, not me (Watashi Ga motete dousunda) – 7
Otaku Fujoshi suddenly becomes a hottie



Scorching Ping Pong Girls – 7
“a scorching hot tale of girls who love ping pong.” , hmm……. The first episode was interesting though. Might be like Saki

Drifters – 7
Very stylish action show, a bunch of heroes from different era’s have been dragged from the brink of death to another world and time.



Udon no kuni no kin’iro Kemari – 7
Udon master’s son returns home and meets a tanuki disguised as a human… Looks like a slow burner but is looking like a warming story so far.


All Out!! – 7
Rugby sports anime, probably another zero to hero one, featuring some small dude who probably shouldn’t be playing rugby. Hopefully it’ll be like Slam Dunk but with rugby.


Izetta: The Last Witch – 6
40’s era post war story, and then suddenly a powerful witch appears. High production quality, but not particularly enjoying it yet.



Flip Flappers – 5
Journey to another world with some weird robot thing. Not bad, but nothing too special yet.


Magical girl raising project – 5
Looks like it might turn into battle royale with magical girls? There are 16 magical girls in the district but only enough magical energy for 8 of them… Will probably be dark and twisty but that doesn’t necessarily mean it’ll be any good.


Tiger Mask W – 5
Wrestling anime, enough said.


3-Gatsu no Lion (Lion of March) – 5
The first episode was really boring, but I feel like it might be a good show underneath. It’s a coming of age tale about a professional shogi player, who comes out of depression with the help of family and friends?


Occultic;Nine – 5
Train wreck for the first episode, with it introducing a ton of characters and then some weird shit happening. The character design makes it incredibly hard to take seriously. It’s by the same author as steins;gate


Nanbaka – 5
Group of talented prison escapers go ahead and escape from some prisons… Everything is sparkly and very colourful.


Classicaloid – 4
Hot garbage featuring Mozart and Beethoven fighting aliens with superpowers and gigantic robots powered by their symphonies.



Long Riders! – 4
It’s Bakuon but with Bicycles – A generic slice of life ‘oh I got introduced to a sports club and look how fun it is’ show about riding bicycles.


Cheating Craft – 3
I was really optimistic when I saw the name, hoping for something vaguely kaiji-esque, but it’s some sort of weird school battle shit about students that can fight each other in an exam hall, so they can copy from other people.


Brave Witches – 1
I think this is related to Strike Witches but I honestly have no idea. I think it was the only show this season that I dropped before getting to the end of the opening sequence.




Not Viewed:

What you should be watching this season – Spring 2016 Anime Roundup

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Actually a pretty good season for a change? lots of good shows to watch, and plenty of decent shows to fill in any extra gaps you have.

Jojo’s, kabaneri and Hero academia are definitely worth a watch if you want action, while Kiznaiver and Sakamoto are unexpected treats.


You should be watching:


10 – Jojo’s Diamond is Unbreakable – Did he just punch through his mum?

zplayer 2016-04-17 20-21-55-39


9 – Sakamoto desu ga? – Weird as shit, it reminds me of Cromartie High School. Sakamoto is basically a G and everyone tries to mess with him and ends up making him look cooler.




9s – Space Patrol Luluco – Bitch turns into a gun (7 minute episodes)



9 – Kiznaiver – Trigger attempting to save anime again? Not much has happened so far, but 6 people are soul-bound and share pain, one would hope there are benefits as well…



9 – Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress – Also known as ‘Attack on Zombie’, it’s very similar to attack on titan, but is that really such a bad thing? Replace disposable swords for steampunk rifles, and gigantic titans for armor ribbed zombies…




8 – Boku no Hero Academia – I’m a sucker for a good zero to hero story, and this is quite literally that



These are decent too:


7 – Mayoiga – Bus on the way to lost town

7 – Gyakuten Saiban – Retelling of PW, might score higher if you haven’t played the games, but a PW fan, it’s ‘ok’

7 – Joker Game – Psychological battle show about spies

7 – Bungou Stray Dogs – Special unit tasked with taking down users with special powers, bit generic, but seems interesting at least.

7 – Shounen Maid – Adventures of now parent-less young child sold into slavery to work as a maid in a mansion.

6 – Flying Witch – bit on the boring side, but kind of interesting story about a witch who moves to the suburbs and goes to school there.

6 – Sousei no onmyouji – Defend the world from monsters in an alternate dimension, users have individual powers, I guess that makes it like Bleach?

6 – Netoge no Yome wa Onnanoko ja nai to omotta – This seasons candidate for longest title. These dudes play ragnarok online and then meet up IRL and main chara finds out that his guildies are all girls in his school. Totally unrealistic




5 – Bakuon – It’s like K-on but instead of music they play with motorbikes

5s – Shounen Ashibe: Go! Go! Goma-Chan – Short gag show about adopting a seal, it was alright I guess.

4 – Kuma Miko – Theres a big talking bear. Why is there a big talking bear.


I am now judging you.


3 – Endride – Generic shounen fantasy superpower swords and shit

3 – Pan De Peace! – Something about bread but I forgot.

3 – Hundred – Super generic superpower high-school “fite me even tho u dnt know how to duel” show. (ohmagod his power is a sword?!)

3 – Tanaka-kun wa itsumo kedaruge – Tanaka kun being a lazy boring shit all day. Drink some red bull or something you fuck.

3 – Anne Happy – Cute girls doing cute things, not particularly funny or enjoyable.

2 – Seisen Cerberus – I think my brain blocked this one out. I think there were swords?


2 – Hai-furi – I’m ‘watching’ it while typing this up. Bunch of 10 year olds in uniforms running a battleship. It’s like kancolle but more shit.

1 – Bishoujo yuugi unit crane game – I have no goddamn clue what this shit is

1 – Super Lovers – What the fuck is this? I can’t tell what genre this is, but it looks like he’s about to rape his younger brother and it’s creeping me out.

What you should be watching this season – Winter 2016 Anime Roundup

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Tons of trash this season, with robot shows in particular being the ‘in’ thing apparently. A few surprises, ‘Kono subarashii sekai’ came out of nowhere and was really entertaining, similarly I didn’t know much about ‘boku dake ga inai machi’ and that was really good as well, even my brother who came in and started watching half way seemed really interested as the episode reached its climax.


Watching Tier –

zplayer 2016-01-14 20-07-47-31

Boku dake ga inai machi

– 9 – Rewind time to prevent disasters. Featuring that same blue butterfly from ‘Life is Strange’, lets hope it doesn’t end the same way.


zplayer 2016-01-14 20-09-36-47

Prince of Stride

– 8 – A world where freerunning relay is a sport, seems pretty cool, reminds me of ‘Free!’


zplayer 2016-01-14 20-10-20-85

Kono subarashii sekai ni shukufuku o!

– 8 – A better version of danmachi? Weeb gets transported to a fantasy video game style world with adorable goddess, characters and humour are pretty good.


zplayer 2016-01-14 20-11-47-40

Musaigen no Phantom World

– 8 – Kyoani phantom nonsense with plenty of fanservice this time round.


zplayer 2016-01-14 20-12-38-73


– 7 – Hibike Euphonium version 2 (orchestra club), but with more mystery and puzzles


zplayer 2016-01-14 20-13-27-53

Shouwa genroku rakugo shinjuu

– 7 – Really plot/drama heavy, but interesting rakugo story for those looking for something more mature


zplayer 2016-01-14 20-15-12-68

Dimension W

– 7 – If the show becomes as hype as the OP, this will be awesome. Plot seems alright, with cute robot girl partner.


zplayer 2016-01-14 20-15-36-34

Hai to gensou no grimgar

– 7 – Whilst a fairly generic fantasy setting, has an interesting set of characters and a new spin on the adventurer story.


zplayer 2016-01-14 20-16-35-66

Nijiiro days

– 7 – Terrified that it was going to be yaoi at first, seems okay though, schoolguy love drama comedy thing


Probably Dropping Tier:

Dagashi Kashi – 6 – Candy shop owner’s son and a very strange mentally unstable girl.

Ao no kanata no four rhythm – 5 – Based on a visual novel, some shit about flying shoes.

Nurse witch komugi-chan – 5 – What even is this? Is this satire? It’s almost bad to the point where it’s entertaining

Koukaku no pandora – 5 – Borderline yuri “put your hand into my crotch slot” show

Shoujo-tachi wa kouya o mezasu – 5 – Like sainai heroine but reversed? Very uneventful first episode

Bubuki Buranki – 5 – Another superpower show, summons? Eyeball things? Pretty nice visuals


Get that shit out of my face Tier:

Luck and Logic – 4 – Generic superpower harem

Saijaku muhai no bahamut – 4 – Literally already saw this anime last season, twice. Yet another super power highschool harem with hidden potential protag

Schwarzesmarken – 3 – Robot battle for pretty much a whole episode. Nothing particularly bad about the subject but these shows bore me to tears.

Divine Gate – 2 – Generic superpowers show based on smartphone game

Phantasy Star Online 2 The animation – 2 – Painful to watch

Active Raid – 2 – Robot power rangers, very boring

Norn 9 – 1 – Terribly boring shoujo floating ship thing



Ojisan to Marshmallow – 9 – (Short) I have no idea what this is but it was amazing

Oshiete! Galko-chan – 7 – (Short) lewd comedy with blonde big tits

Sekkou boys – 6 – (Short) More sculptures?!













Top 10 of 2015 : Anime

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Better late than never? Here are my favourite anime picks of 2015

I can’t be bothered to write a proper description or review for these shows.

also to make things interesting, no sequels (second seasons) allowed.

zplayer 2016-01-06 20-52-41-29

#10 – Saenai Heroine no Sodatekata // Comedy // 13 Eps // 冴えない彼女の育てかた

Enjoyable character driven comedy about making a video game together, has some pretty fun tongue in cheek segments and meta remarks.


zplayer 2016-01-06 20-54-24-58

#9 – Etotama // Action Comedy // 12 Eps // えとたま

Daft and often nonsensical action comedy, again with the meta-humour. Mixes CGI action with dumb catgirl 2d for an enjoyable but not particularly award winning 12 episodes.


zplayer 2016-01-06 20-55-03-21

#8 – Assassination classroom // Action // 22 Eps // Ansatsu Kyoushitsu

Big ol tentacle octopus thing but he doesn’t actually rape anyone because he’s a cool dude. It’s like a retelling of GTO (great teacher onizuka, fuckin classic, go watch it) except the teacher is now a neon yellow octopus and all of the children and trying to murder him.


zplayer 2016-01-06 20-55-39-41

#7 – Yamada kun and the 7 witches // Harem Comedy // 12 Eps // Yamada-kun to 7-nin no Majo

All guys have had the ‘what If I could switch bodies with a girl’ thought before right? Well this is that in anime form, plus a bunch of other girls who have interesting powers.


zplayer 2016-01-06 20-57-14-92

#6 – Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon? (Danmachi) // Adventure // 13 Eps // Dungeon ni Deai o Motomeru no wa Machigatte Iru Darouka

Trapped in a video game MMORPG but without actually being trapped in a video game MMORPG? Despite the title, danmachi is actually pretty light on the harem stuff, choosing to primarily focus on adventurer bell and huge chested ribbon tits hestia.


zplayer 2016-01-06 20-57-43-87

#5 – Monster Musume // Harem Comedy // 12 Eps

Don’t look at me like that.


zplayer 2016-01-06 20-58-14-96

#4 – Ore Monogatari // Rom-com // 24 Eps // My love story

It feels kind of refreshing to actually see the goofy guy get the girl, Ore monogatari gets the confession out of the way quickly and instead goes for a mixture of daft comedy and drama.


zplayer 2016-01-06 20-59-54-97

#3 – Shokugeki no Souma // Superpower cooking? // 24 Eps

12 minutes talk -> 2 minutes cooking -> 6 minutes of elaborate orgasm faces and describing of food textures


zplayer 2016-01-06 21-00-29-00

#2 – Prison School // Comedy // 12 Eps

This is the funniest comedy of the year. All of the characters are fantastic. Sure it’s oversexualized but just close the door and pretend you’re watching real titties instead of anime ones instead.


zplayer 2016-01-06 21-01-41-14

#1 – One Punch Man // Action // 12 Eps

50% ridiculous over the top action scenes, and then the other 50% is this, one punch man is well worth your time, it’s like the Bayonetta of the anime world.


Shows good enough to get remembered but not good enough to make top 10: Kishi Cavalry, Shomin Sample, Utawaremono, Ani tore EX, Yurikuma Arashi, Kancolle, Death Parade, Koufuku Graffiti, Punch Line, Hibike Euphonium, Plastic Memories, Shimoneta, Himouto Umaru-Chan, Saenai Heroine no sodatekata


What you should be watching this season – Autumn 2015 Anime Roundup

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Seems like a pretty averagely bad season, in the interest of my sanity I am switching to now only watching the very first episode to judge the show’s overall quality. The last few seasons have made it pretty evident that you can’t judge a book by it’s cover anyway (see, Prison school, which turned out to arguably be the best show of last season), so I can’t imagine going from 2 episodes to 1 is going to make a significant difference.


‘Heads up’ Tier


zplayer 2015-10-09 22-48-14-25

One punch man

– 10 – Story of a dude that wanted to be a hero so bad, that he trained to the point where everything he fights now practically explodes in one punch. It’s pure action, and it’s amazing.


zplayer 2015-10-09 22-47-06-98

Itoshi no muuco

– 10 – Short show about the happiest dog in the whole goddamn world. You need to be in a certain mindset to watch it, but imo it seems like an almost guaranteed bad day fixer.


zplayer 2015-10-09 22-46-32-31

Hokuto No Ken: ichigo aji

– 9 – For Fist of the North Star fans only, it’s a full length gag show featuring the cast of FOTNS but as High school students, Ken is to bring laughter to century end high school.


zplayer 2015-10-09 22-51-57-39


– 8 – Semi generic fantasy show where all the humans are half animal, has catgirls so automatically above average, not too much has happened yet though so genre is up in the air for now, however apparently it’s based on an eroge so it might go harem route.


zplayer 2015-10-09 22-56-50-99

Shomin Sample

– 8 – Comedy based on the idea of bringing in a commoner to a school of sheltered ojou types. It’s going to end up as a harem for sure, but it’s entertaining so far at least.


zplayer 2015-10-09 22-53-04-73

Shingeki no kyojin Chuugakkou

– 8 – comedy spinoff of Attack on Titan, pretty entertaining alternate universe take on the whole ordeal, where titans steal your lunch box.


‘Heads down, Thumbs up?’ Tier

zplayer 2015-10-09 22-49-44-11

Rakudai kishi no cavalry

– 7 – high school magical knight show w/ pink hair girl. Literally all the cliches, the only thing that would make it more generic is if it was a harem – there is still time.


zplayer 2015-10-09 23-06-21-39

Young black jack

– 7 – presumedly origin story of ‘Black Jack’, a master surgeon.


zplayer 2015-10-09 22-45-14-80

Concrete revolutio

– 7 – Witch girl getting up to weird world saving stuff. not really sure what to think of it so far, there are robots, superheroes and all sorts of other oddities. The art style is nice and colourful though.


zplayer 2015-10-09 22-50-57-81

Osomatsu san

– 7 – Modern revival of a showa era show, first episode was really good, but the animation style looks to be changing next episode so not sure how it will go.


zplayer 2015-10-09 22-43-52-06

Comet lucifer

– 6 – Reminds me of a shitty laputa, Involves gemstone, sudden girlfriend appearance, and some mechs. The animation and world is pretty interesting looking though.


‘…and stay down.’ Tier

Sakurako-san no ashimoto ni wa shitai ga umatteiru – 6 – Forensics detective and her very unlikable high school teenage sidekick, bit on the boring side but might have potential.

peeping life – 6 – Literally feels like watching anime standup comedy with 2 characters from a show appearing and doing a gag routine, all of the set ups are based on characters from very old anime series (70’s-80s) so presumedly you’ll get more out of this if you are older or have knowledge on these sort of shows (eg. Astro boy, yatterman, black jack)

Gakusen toshi asterisk – 6 – oh hey it’s the same show as ‘Rakudai kishi no cavalry’, but slightly more generic and less entertaining And I mean that pretty literally, the overall flow and layout of the episode was practically identical, except this one was more boring.

Lance n masques – 6 – Pretty similar in principle to Hayate the combat butler, generic princess character who lives alone being guarded by generic beta main character who carries around a big ol’ lance.

Taimadou Gakuen 35 shiken shoutai – 6 – Military platoon drama, but in true anime style they send magical high school students to fight instead of actual soldiers.

Heavy Object – 5 – mecha style show but replacing cool mechas with generic grey metal orbs of death. Includes pervy teenage main character and a shy girl with few emotions as a pilot, seems very mediocre so far.

Subete ga F ni naru – 4 – Gonna be honest, wasn’t really following what was happening because it was kind of boring. Some sort of detective story I think. It’s very wordy and not very flashy so far.

K return of kings – 3 – 2flashy4me, it feels like someone told the animators that people only judge the first episode of a show, and these guys put their entire budget into a nonsensical episode just full of flashy fight scenes, spinning cameras, glowing neon lights, chrome plated cars and so on, in the hope that redditors would repost the show and persude people into watching it. Granted it is by far one of the best looking shows ive ever seen, but the plot and everything else about the show just looks terrible.

High school star musical – 2 – like ‘Free!’ except with singing and dancing, it’s gaytastic in every sense. I found it pretty cringey and generally unenjoyable, but then I’m a straight male so..

diabolik lovers – 2 – Reverse harem featuring vampires, probably the worst show this season unless you rather enjoy your twilight fanfics.


Notable Sequels

Yuru Yuri San hai

Haikyuu s2

Lupin 3rd


What you should be avoiding this season – Summer 2015 Anime Roundup

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Grim times. Summer 2015 brings us a ton of godawful shows, so bad that I almost didn’t even bother writing up this seasons WYSBW.

When a harem show featuring a snake woman, bird girl, and fucking centaur is one of the better shows of the season, you know you are in for some rough shit.

Sort of Watchable Tier

Monster Musume

zplayer 2015-07-28 18-49-47-99

Ridiculous harem show where all the monsters want MC’s dick. It wont be winning any awards, but it’s kind of entertaining, and you’ll probably feel bad for enjoying it.


zplayer 2015-07-28 18-53-38-57

Bit like Black Lagoon? Edgy mercenaries fighting other dudes. Not too bad, arguably the best show this season that’s trying to be serious.

Jitsu Wa Watashi Wa

zplayer 2015-07-28 18-54-40-87

Sort of harem set in a school filled with weirdos, including a vampire who speaks with a kansai accent. Enjoyable, but MC is annoying.

Prison School

zplayer 2015-07-28 18-56-05-50

There is a lot of censoring (probably best to wait for the BD rips) and the hypersexualization is kind of annoying, but it’s kinda funny, and not like anything i’ve ever seen before.

Ushio To Tora

zplayer 2015-07-28 18-58-55-71

About a giant demon lion that hangs around with a high school boy (obviously). Seems decent, but a little bit too childish – seems like a solid pick if you like shounen stuff though.

Himouto! Umaru Chan

zplayer 2015-07-28 18-58-20-03

Worst of this tier, not sure if i’m going to continue watching it. It’s about a nerd girl who maintains a good appearance at school and then slumps into this annoying AF chibi thing when she’s at home. Funny at times, but mostly just annoying.

Not very good Tier

Rokka: Braves of the six flowers

I totally forgot I had even seen the second episode of this show, which probably summarizes how memorable it is. They’re heroes trying to save the world or something? Meh. Its ok.


Boring and generic ‘man from this world goes to fantasy world and probably finds catgirls’ show. Wasn’t interesting enough to keep me watching.


See above. Except now we’re in a video game.


Super powered high school students agaaaaaiinnn, fucking yeeeaaah i love this shit, wow their powers are so cool except they really arent and I dont give a shit.

Akagami no Shirayukihime

Boring show about one of those chinese herbal medicine ladies going with a prince or something, reminds me a bit of ‘The world is still beautiful’ which probably isn’t a compliment.


Ranpo Kitan (Laplace)

Murder investigation high schoolers, first episode seemed alright, you might like it if you’re into murder mystery/detective shows. All of the characters so far are pretty unlikable though.


FML Tier


This is the new Seitokai yukuindono – except less funny. Pretty much just dick jokes galore, though the rampant censoring makes it kind of shitty. I didn’t really find the first episode funny at all, and it sure didn’t have a whole lot of anything else to offer.

Aoharu x Machinegun

Some shitty show about playing with BB guns. Characters werent even loli. Dropped.

Bikini Warriors


School Live!

Bunch of school children in a zombie apocalypse, but one of them has super autism and probably gets them all murdered in the end.

God Eater

Hypergeneric dudes with big weapons fighting monsters show. Might have extra value if you like the games I guess, but i’d stay away otherwise.


Didn’t even bother watching Tier

Symphogear GX , Chaos Dragon, Castle Town Dandelion, Ranpo Kitan, Classroom Crisis, everything else not mentioned…

Sequel Tier

Non Non Biyori Repeat



What you should be watching this season – Spring 2015 Anime Roundup

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It’s that time again, my quarterly grind of identifying which high school super power shows are bad, and which are good – but let’s be real they all probably bad.

New for this season, clicking on a show title will now take you to a torrent directory, just because it’s easier for everyone that way.


Safe for Consumption Tier

Ore monogatari


(9, 10) Despite clearly being a shojo RomCom i’m loving this show, characters are adorable – huge dude and small cute girl. I think i’ll keep watching this one for sure. Seems to be progressing pretty rapidly despite being 24 episodes, presumedly we’re in for some advanced drama.



(8,9) Show about a cat-girl trying to join the chinese zodiac by fighting the other 12 zodiac spirits. True to japanese fashion however, all of the zodiac spirits are actually adorable girls who vaguely represent their animal. For some reason, fight scenes are done entirely in CGI, with a kind of chibi style – surprisingly, it works really well, and the animation is pretty good. Etotama is a pretty brainless show, but it’s entertaining for sure.

Punch Line


(10,7) Batshit insane first ep, and a more subdued character developy second ep. I think we’re in for a good time regardless, I like the setup, and the guy that wrote 999/VLR wrote the script so hopefully it goes crazy later on, plot wise. For the meantime though, plenty of humour.

Plastic Memories

Chick on the left? Yeah thats a robot.
Chick on the left? Yeah she’s not human.

(9,7) About androids who collect other androids whose lifespan has expired. Pretty good first episode, but lackluster second means this one could swing either way. Rather large plot point introduced in second episode means show is probably going to end in tears. Also not entirely sure why androids need to use the toilet, i think there was a scene where she cried as well. it IS a android right?

Hibike! Euphonium


(9,7) As expected from kyoani, it’s basically K-On with an orchestra. Cute moe girls fawning over instruments and going to class, if that sounds like your jam, go for it.

Shokugeki no soma

zplayer 2015-04-17 18-53-04-71

(8,8) Pretty fun cooking show, feels like an anime version of Masterchef, except the main characters food is so good it literally gives people orgasms. It’s high levels of service and ‘moans’ mean it’s probably not for anime newbies, but it seems like a fun show to follow.

Yamada and the 7 witches


(8, ) Body swapping comedy, I kind of love the body swap idea, and it’s a pretty natural fit for a drama/comedy. Who knows, maybe it’ll lead to romance too. Seems to have some mixed themes – was a comedy for most of the first episode and then went onto a kind of serious topic for a bit. Enjoying so far though.


zplayer 2015-04-17 18-41-46-84

AKA. Is it wrong to pick up girls in a dungeon / Dungeon ni Deai o Motomeru no wa Machigatteiru no Darou ka?
(7,8) While slightly generic in it’s fantasy RPG style setting, DanMachi has proved entertaining so far thanks to it’s cast. Hestia in particular seems to have exploded in online popularity for some reason, I guess she is pretty adorable.

Should be safe to consume Tier

The Disappearance of Nagato Yuki-chan


(7,7) Not sure exactly what the deal is with Disappearance of Nagato, it feels like it’s set in an alternate universe from the Haruhi series where Nagato is adorable and in love with Kyon. Haruhi is also in it, and as weird and hyperactive as you probably remember her. It’s not as good as I would have hoped, but Nagato is plenty adorable to watch, though I might actually prefer old Nagatoi better.

Wish upon the pleiades


(7,6) Gainax magical girl show, so expect some dark shit to happen later on down the line probably – that’s what magical girl shows do nowadays right? Nothing particularly unique about the show so far, the girls are of course in school, and then transform and ride on broomsticks to capture stars (although they are supposedly bits of spaceship or something, idk). It’s decent so far, but nothing special.

Arslan Senki


(6,7) Old timey war stuff with focus on prince Arslan who is destined to be king. Genre wise seems half and half split between drama and action. Probably worth watching, but not particularly jaw dropping 2 episodes in so don’t come complaining if it turns out a bad’un – that said, i’m hoping that it’ll eventually turn into anime game of thrones.

Show by rock! 


(6,6) I’m really not sure how to feel about this show. Its about a girl band in a world powered by music and with giant demon things – It’s part moe girls doing silly things, and then randomly goes full CGI for action/music sequences. Also the story is bizarre as hell. The world at the very least, is really cool.

‘Bin it’ Tier

Kekkai Sensen

(5, ) oh jeez. Yet another superpowered teens fighting against monsters show. Now with even more attack calling. Bonus points for semi unique weapons, minus points for post apocalyptic world. Can’t say I’d recommend this, but maybe im just getting old. At least the animation is decent.


(6,4) Seems lackluster after only 2 episodes, featuring a bunch of jokes which just aren’t really that funny. The art is kind of shitty, and i still know more or less nothing about any of the characters, and don’t really care to. The ED is good at least?

Kyoukai no Rinne

(5,2) Interesting fantasy premise, with characters being able to cross into the world of the afterlife and such. It feels like a cross between an old film called ‘Chinese ghost story’ and Doraemon. Can’t say i’d recommend this show at all though, as it’s boring as fuck and isn’t entertaining at all. It’s sort of an achievement in itself that they’ve made such an interesting world seem so very mundane.

Denpa Kyoushi / Ultimate Otaku Teacher

(4,3) Feels like it’s trying to imitate GTO (Great Teacher Onizuka), except instead of cool and manly Onizuka, the teacher is a super otaku. Not really liking it much so far, and the humour really falls flat (I assume it’s trying to be funny but honestly I dont even know anymore) leaving a rather dull show without much plot or comedy. The Show also has rather impressively seems to have blown its animation budget in 0 episodes because it looks like shit. Do yourself a favour and (Re)Watch GTO instead.

Gunslinger Stratos

(3,3) Probably exactly what you’d expect from an anime adaptation of a team deathmatch third person shooter video game – a bunch of flashy fight scenes accompanied by lengthy discussion and a dumb plot of why they are fighting. That said, 2 episodes in and there hasn’t even been that much action. At least the characters look like they have some individuality I suppose.

Seraph of the end 

(4,3) Terribly generic monster slaying bullshit with zany high school antics thrown in. Main character is unlikable, side characters are forgettable… Oh and he fights with a sword, how original. There was even a ‘power of friendship’ moment thrown in for good measure. This show can go fuck itself.

Sequels Tier


Baby Steps

Kiniro Mosaic

What you should be watching this season – Winter 2014/15 Anime Roundup

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Hello again, and here we are in January of the new year, hoping for cool and interesting new shows! Winter 14/15 is sort of interesting because, for a change everything is pretty easily sorted into stuff which looks interesting (or has the potential to be interesting) and those which are fucking abysmal. Practically everything which isn’t original falls into super generic ecchi superpower fighting against monsters shows, so at least I don’t have to wrack my brain too much being on the fence. I intend to follow everything that isnt in the crap tier, at least until it starts to get boring, but for now, there are a fair amount of interesting shows.

Shows are listed best first.

Watch These Tier:

The Rolling Girls

(9) That show with rainbow explosions –  Pretty insane and over the top superhero stuff, the story is pretty nonsensical for now but my god is it colourful and fun to watch. Quirky characters, crazy animation style, and a happy soundtrack make this a near essential watch for this season, if only for it’s complete disregard for colour palettes.



Maria the virgin witch

(8) The show that isn’t sure how lewd it wants to be –  Maria the witch trying to save bitches, but archangels don’t really like that shit. Maria also has some familiars to add some extra characters. The animation and art is good, and the characters are very likable, though 2 episodes in and i’m not entirely sure which direction the story is going to head.

zplayer 2015-01-18 23-22-10-49


Koufuku Graffiti

(8) The shaft slice of life about eating food – Did you like Hidamari Sketch? Because this is Hidamari Sketch but instead of going to art school, they cook and eat food in perverse detail.



Death Parade

(8) The one where you gamble with your life – Death parade has a pretty interesting premise; the deceased go to gamble with their lives on the line in a bar, and those who operate the game get to decide if the gambler goes to heaven or hell. It’s kind of dark, but it looks like it has it’s fair share of twists and turns.

zplayer 2015-01-18 23-33-10-36


Spare Time Tier:

Saenai heroine no sodatekata

(7) The Slice of life comedy about making a dating sim – Bit of a mixed opinion on this one, the first episode was pretty funny, but the second episode seemed to try harder to push the plot, and as a result it was a little more boring. The characters seem alright though (and by that i mean, it has a twintail girl with fangs), and the art is clean, i’m hoping it’ll push towards the comedy side rather than just be another SOL drama thing, because honestly we have enough of those.



Assassination Classroom

(7) Murder the alien – So, the teacher destroyed the moon, and now wants to destroy earth, but first he wants to teach a year of high school. The students are tasked with trying to assassinate him, but given that he moves at near speed of light and has tentacle arms, it’s not so easy. While the first two episodes have been entertaining, i’m not sure where they can go with this one, unless they can change it up or introduce some sub plots, a whole season of watching them try to fruitlessly kill this alien will get boring.

zplayer 2015-01-18 23-37-49-42


Kantai Collection

(7) Goddamn boat girls – So Kancolle is pretty massive in japan, the mobile game about humanized warships, so naturally they had to release an anime about these warship schoolgirls doing… warship schoolgirl things. So pretty much the usual shit, but instead of art class they go to a shooting range and fire their cannons (as you do.)

zplayer 2015-01-18 23-39-59-19


Yurikuma Arashi

(6) Bearly sensical? – Made by the same director as Penguindrum, so you know you are in for some weird shit. From what i’ve gathered, it’s about two bears that can shapeshift into human form, and their attempts to eat schoolgirls… Which actually sounds alright, but then every now and then they go to some sort of bear court, and then every now and then people fall down staircases which are probably metaphorical but I dont even know. It’s fucking weird.

zplayer 2015-01-18 23-42-22-49


Yatterman Night

(6) The one that’s not actually about Yatterman – I don’t actually know a massive amount about Yatterman, I played Tatsunoko vs Capcom, and saw the live action Yatterman film, but that’s about as far as my knowledge goes. Yatterman Night, from the two episodes i’ve seen at least, appears to be an origin story of Doronjo and her cronies – how much of it is canon however, I have no idea, this could actually be some sort of alternate reality thing for all I know. Regardless though, it’s essentially the tale of a good girl, trying to be a bad guy, and is kind of a refreshing take on one of these sort of shows. If you imagine a show based around Jessie and James of Team Rocket, you’re probably most of the way there.

zplayer 2015-01-18 23-44-41-88



Idolm@ster: Cinderella Girls

zplayer 2015-01-19 15-44-18-02

(6) This season’s girl idol group show – For fans of Genre or series. It’s pretty standard im@s affair, and if you don’t know what that even means, this show probably isn’t for you.


Please No Tier:

Shinmai Maou no Testament

(3) Generic ‘I have super powers and now suddenly two demon girls are now living with me’ show.

Soukyuu no Fafner Dead Aggressor – Exodus

(3) The only thing I want an exodus of is the people that keep greenlighting this shit. Another Humans VS Aliens shows, with some mecha thrown in later probably. It gets a higher rating because it’s very pretty while it bores you to death with its mediocrity.

Absolute Duo

(2) Superpower high school and MC pairs with shy girl who is attached to him for no explicit reason. Sigh.

Juuou Mujin no Fafnir

(1) Fafnir? More like, Fackoff. This is another generic ‘I go to superpower school and we must protect the world from aliens, also I have to live with a grrrll?’ show.

Seiken tsukai no World Break

(1) Superpower high school again, holy shit. This one is the worst of the lot, generic as they come. Right down to the “oh, my power is actually super strong but I had no idea?!”. Also manages to already look like it’s out of animation budget, even though it was only the first goddamn episode.


Sequel Tier:

All probably worth watching if you saw the previous season(s) I think theres also Milky Holmes, Kuroko no Basket and Dog Days sequels as well if you’re into those.

Durarara x2

Jojo’s Stardust Crusaders

Tokyo Ghoul A


Top 10 of 2014 : Anime

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Probably an above average year overall for anime, with every season having at least two standout shows. For my own sanity, we are counting shows that started in 2014, not those that ended in it.



#10 Akame ga Kill // Action // 24 Episodes

Whilst a fairly standard shounen style dudes killing each other with superpowers thing, the interesting part of Akame Ga Kill for me is that plot armor is pretty nonexistent, main characters both friendly and hostile are introduced and then killed off and the story runs with it without making any attempt at trying to bring them back from the dead, characters truly fight to the death and possibly because of this, the story actually feels like it progresses somewhere rather than in other shows like bleach where people spend 3 episodes fighting, only to show mercy on their opponent and have to fight them again later.



#9 Barakamon // Comedy Slice-of-Life // 12 Episodes

Lovely relaxing Barakamon up at number 9, it’s nice to have a calming show like this every now and then, and the inclusion of adorable little girl is still as effective as it was back in 2011’s Usagi Drop.



#8 Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-Kun // Comedy // 12 Episodes

One of summers little surprises, Nozaki-kun turned out to be a lovely little comedy with quirky characters. Would have liked to see a little more progression in terms of plot, but I suppose it’s to be expected from an anime derived from a 4 panel manga



#7 Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure: Stardust Crusaders // Action // 48 Episodes (Ongoing)

Somewhat of a love it or hate it affair, Jojo’s Part 3 doesn’t waste much time beating around the bush, after an initial introduction it plays enemy of the week for 20 straight weeks, introducing and then rapidly removing characters – fantastic for those that just want constant action, with the result being almost a boss rush in anime form.



#6 Parasyte – the maxim // Action // 24 Episodes (Ongoing)

Parasyte has almost managed to feel like two separate shows since the incident a few episodes ago, however this works in it’s favour. We’ve had a great chance to see both sides of the coin, with shinichi going from fear of his power to his acceptance of it. It’s been a very solid action show so far, and the plot is progressing nicely so far.



#5 Haikyuu // Sports // 25 Episodes

Sometimes simple is best, Haikyuu throws a sports team together and then has them train and compete in the interhigh competition, it’s a tried and tested formula but Haikyuu does it exceptionally – filled with likable characters and powerful rivals, it’s a great watch from start to finish though the pacing sometimes can be a little dragged out. I also thought the final battle of the show was really interestingly done, though i’ll leave you to find out why.



#4 Space Dandy (1+2) // Sci-fi Action Comedy // 26 Episodes

The show where anything goes, the pure episodic nature of Space Dandy is both it’s strongest weapon and it’s weakness – the show lacks in episode quality consistency due to shifting directors and story writers almost every episode, however this is also means you really have no idea what to expect when you start watching, perhaps you’ll get a romantic comedy episode, a surreal dreamlike episode (Goddamnit plant episode) or maybe you randomly get a goddamn high school musical episode complete with 80’s training montage.
PS, the dub is actually solid for this one, so feel free to go for that if you can’t be bothered with subs.



#3 Ping Pong // Sports // 11 Episodes

Style for days, Ping Pong may look rough around the edges but proves that style and direction is more important than art. Scenes have clearly been well thought out, and there is an additional layer of symbolism hidden behind a fair portion of the shots to give the show that extra depth. Back this with an interesting story and killer soundtrack and ping pong is one of the best shows of this year for sure.



#2 Nisekoi // Love Polygon Comedy // 20 Episodes

I love this show so much, the character interactions and the ridiculous misunderstandings they get themselves into really remind me of the fantastic School Rumble from back in the day – which is high praise imo. While some of the girls are less lovable than others, Nisekoi really succeeds in making sure there is a ‘best girl’ for everyone (#teamonodera). Some typical ‘Shaft’ animation really helps the show do it’s thing, and while the plot is fairly slow moving, you’ll be happy to just see the characters interact.



#1 Shigatsu wa kimi no uso // Drama // 22 Episodes (Ongoing)

Yeah, it may be premature considering the show hasn’t even hit the half way mark at time of writing, but when you take to twitter to proclaim that something is AOTY every episode, it probably is. Shigatsu no Uso really has a full package of beautiful visuals, amazing BGM and a slew of lovable characters with interesting personalities and backstories. Every episode feels 5 minutes long, every week feels like too long until the next episode comes out. As if it needed more accolades to it’s name, even the opening song (Hikaru nara, by goosehouse) is the best this year. It really does feel like a while since a show aired that demanded to be watched as soon as it’s put up on the internet, and I envy those that have the opportunity to marathon it in the future. Best show. AOTY.



Some honorable mentions: Amagi Brilliant Park, Tokyo Ghoul, Seha Girls, Kokkuri san, SAO2, Mikakunin

Liar Game, and the mind games genre

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So after watching this week’s episodes of Liar Game, I couldn’t help but make a blog post. It’s fairly rare that I watch live action series nowadays, mostly because they are long and time consuming, one or two episodes of Liar Game however and I couldn’t stop watching.

Liar game was originally a manga written by Shinobu Kaitani, the manga spawned 2 seasons of a japanese live action series, along with 2 films, and now finally the koreans have decided to give it a go – presumedly because their drama intake is so high that they now need to venture into other territories and remake their drama (popular Japanese drama Nodame Cantabile is also seeing a similar korean remake as ‘Tomorrows Cantabile’).
It is about a naive girl who is thrust into a gameshow where you have to outsmart and cheat your way to the end, with winners receiving massive prize money, and losers becoming bankrupt and probably sold into slavery.


The korean version is liberal with the source material, almost to the point where they decided to only keep the best parts they liked, and then rewriting and remoulding the rest – the result however is a show that is undeniably better than the Japanese live action version, filled with additional drama and backstory, and giving characters more equal weighting so they can stand on their own rather than be completely overshadowed by the main characters. The korean version also completely changes the setting and world, introduces some interesting new games of its own, and introduces a fantastic archnemesis for our hero to wage war against.

Theres little more to say, those that want to give it a go can do so here – http://www.viki.com/videos/1053510v-liar-game-episode-1 – of which 10 out of 12 episodes have aired and been subtitled.


Maybe you like this genre. I sure as hell do. Here are some similar ones.

UPDATE: You will totally enjoy ‘The Genius‘ gameshow – more information on this blog post – http://www.mengsbizarreadventure.com/2015/the-genius/

Death Note – One of the most famous ‘mind games’ shows out there, a serial killer against a master detective – It became famous for a reason, it’s one of the best, spawning an anime, a bunch of films and even video games.

Kaiji – A show I recommend to everyone, Kaiji pushes a debt ridden gambler to hell and has him claw his way back against the shady organization that put him there, sure there’s money at stake, but for the most part Kaiji is winning to avoid being sold into slavery. The Espoir (Rock Paper Scissors) arc is one of the most interesting games you’ll see, and it’s the first one. Oh, and there are two seasons of it, totalling 52 episodes, so there’s plenty to watch (even if the pachinko arc drags a little.)



One Outs – A genius baseball pitcher, unbeaten in the underground gambling game of one outs – He is put onto a professional team with the contract of ‘One out, 5 million yen, one point given and he pays 50 million yen’. After he starts winning, the team’s manager begins to conspire against him, trying to get him to give up points – and so starts the battle of minds. The writer is the same as that of Liar Game.


Akagi – Primarily for those that at least have some knowledge of mah-jong, Akagi is written by the same guy that does Kaiji, only this one is focused on playing Mahjong for huge money, against some really dodgy characters.

No Game No Life – Sitting way over on the other side of serious, NGNL has the same element of mind games but in a more relaxing and brightly coloured fantasy world – far away from the gangsters and serious life or death tone that these sort of shows usually possess. It’s nowhere near as serious or hardcore as the others, and arguably the mind games sections are spread pretty thin on the whole, but it may be worth a watch if you fancy something lighter.


What you should be watching this season – Autumn 2014 Anime Roundup

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What you should be watching this Autumn – Now with bonus clarity! Mostly because of how many shows there were this season, and the fact I was forgetting which show was which, new starting this season are 1 line summaries and aggregate scores – each of the two episodes are scored out of 10, for a score out of 20. This’ll hopefully let me filter out the trash into clearer tiers.

Rad Tier:

Hi Scoool! Seha Girl

Seha girls(20) The one with the gillius fucking thunderhead
It’s fantastic and yet awful at the same time. Seha Girls is about personified sega consoles, featuring Megadrive, Saturn and Dreamcast on their journey through various sega games to gain credits to graduate. The style is CGI rather than anime, which on the one hand makes it look clumsy and awkward, yet once they start descending into video game worlds it begins to make more sense why they chose this animation style. While watching, you will be somewhat aware of how bad the show itself is, but at the same time the wealth of Sega references will have you grinning from ear to ear throughout. Seha girls is aimed at video gamers more than fans of anime, which may very well be why I love it so damn much.

Shigatsu wa kimi no uso

Shigatsu no uso(19) (Your lie in april) – The one with the pianist
Episode one started off with a bit of a Nisekoi comedy kind of flair, however episode 2 has moved swiftly into the drama/music genre. Though it’s hard to say for now, this show might be the one to watch – a strong backbone of drama behind what could possibly be another Nodame Cantabile style romantic comedy. Plot wise, because even though two episodes have passed, not a whole lot has actually happened, it’s one of those shows that seem to pass by in a flash without feeling long, our main character has a troubled past with professional music, but looks like he may be about to rejoin that world..


(18) The one with the hand that talks back
Another anime adaptation of a manga, the Parasyte manga I hear is doing pretty well recently, and so now we get this. Solid concept, alien parasites which invade people’s brains and control them, our hero however gets his hand possessed – or rather, the parasite straight up eats his hand and replaces it. The alien right hand proceeds to get him into all sorts of trouble, and yet at the same time, saves his life from other infested humans who try to murder him. It’s an interesting sci-fi show, with some good action and well animated monsters.

Amagi Brilliant Park

amagi brilliant park
(18) The one which feels like an anime adaptation of theme park
This season’s kyoani production, Amagi brilliant park feels like an odd spin on tycoon games theme park or rollercoaster tycoon, requiring the new elected manager to bring in 250,000 guests to the park before the deadline, or the park closes. To accomplish this task he is given the power to read minds, and is reluctantly supported by a huge cast of mascot characters who aren’t actually people in suits, but genuinely living mascot characters – with some odd personalities.

Gurure! Kokkuri-san


(17) The one with the adorable little girl
Probably the best comedy of the season, kokkuri-san is about a little girl who thinks she is a doll, and the spirit who decides to haunt her. Little kohina is a adorable, and the show is genuinely pretty entertaining even without any real plot or even attempt of plot so far.

Rage of Bahamut : Genesis

shingeki no bahamut

(16) The one with bahamut and the afro guy
Following a bounty hunter who gets turned into a demon of some description. It’s pretty interesting so far, and varied, with equal amounts of story, character development and slaughtering giant monstrs, arguably most interesting is the fantasy world they’ve set, which manages to have a medieval feel to it yet maintain a vivid palette.

Nanatsu no Taizai (7 deadly sins)
nanatsu no taizai

(16) The one about searching for 7 murderers (action, not murder mystery)
Your somewhat typical shounen action show, our hero and female sidekick are trying to find 7 legendary murderers and solve a few problems along the way. 2 Episodes in and it seems pretty solid, though the hero seems a little bit too overpowered for now.

S’alright Tier:

Vanadis (Lord Marksman and Vanadis)
(15) The one with the harem archer
A fantasy action show with action and service, doesn’t appear to be doing anything extraordinary, but is solid so far. Has some strong, likable characters and is showing some development already.

Kaitou Joker
(14) The one clearly intended for a young audience
It’s a show for children vaguely in the same plot style as Lupin 3rd, following a talented thief as he outsmarts detectives. It’s a good show, though don’t expect a deep plot or complicated characters.

Magic Kaito 1412
(14) The Magic Kaito series
The show plays out almost exactly as you would expect of a spinoff from detective conan, the styling and animation is almost identical, yet the focus is on Magic Kaito instead of our usual Conan. There is light plot, but one can only wonder if it’ll be a repeat of conan’s plot which never goes anywhere. Good show, though I hope Kaito’s girlfriend gets more love than Ran.

Inou battle wa nichijou-ke no naka de
(13) The one with the special powers club
School club group of friends, throw in some superpowers (which don’t actually seem to mean much after episode one), add in some comedy and drama and we have… this. It’s solid, it’s well drawn,

Ushiniwareta mirai o motomete
(13) (In search of lost future) The slice of life that turns into sci-fi drama?
A fairly boring slice of life, however one that seems to have some sci-fi twists up it’s sleeve, the first episode eludes to some sort of time travel/jump stuff, while there is also a mysterious character who appears randomly and seems to have some special interactions with the world. It’s hard to explain much more because not much as been revealed. Unfortunately, these more interesting sci-fi elements seem buried underneath a more orthodox and boring slice of life student club sort of scenario.

(12) The ‘source material was obviously a VN’
Stylized in a cinematic wide aspect ratio, I was hoping for more from this show, however it has started slow so far. It’s based on a visual novel which i’m told does have a decent story, and so far it is apparently sticking to the source material well. It’s not particularly good so far, but according to my sources, it’ll get better… Perhaps wait this one out if you’re unsure.

Daitoshokan to hitsujikai
(12) The slice of life with the shephard via mobile phone texts
Started reasonably well, but episode 2 brought it firmly back into standard ‘group of friends in a club’ land. As far as plot goes, the students are recieveing mysterious messages from someone called the shephard, it’s fairly light hearted rather than mysterious though. Plot is also very slow moving, this one could easily swing either way so far, but as of 2 eps, is a fairly average school club show.

Terra Formars
(12) The one with the giant cockroaches
About a team of genetically engineered humans who go to fight a bunch of humanoid cockroaches on mars, yes, really. It’s actually not a horrible show, however the TV censoring really kills the mood of the show, a disappointment because evidently the animators have really gone out of their way to make it really gory, only to have the censors black out 70% of  the screen for some segments.

Trinity Seven
(12) The one with magic school
Semi typical ecchi magic school scenario with a harem thrown in, there are supposedly 7 powerful magicians in the vicinity but all we get instead are adorable blushing schoolgirls with magic powers. Not awful, but a somewhat cliche premise makes it hard to recommend unless you are into harem shows.

Eeehhh Tier:

(11) The one with the demons and karas wannabe
Medieval age superpower suits versus monsters of the night kind of affair, there is some fancy CGI and the fight scenes are well done, making it maybe worth watching if you fancy yet another action show. Monster design thus far seems very interesting (think Bayonetta), unfortunately the ‘knights’ clad in shiny CGI armor are significantly more orthodox.

Yuki Yuna wa Yusha de Aru
(5,?) The one that’s like Madoka Magica but without the dark undertones (yet?)
So didn’t really know what to expect going into this one, started off as an everyday school kind of show and then suddenly our club of 4 girls gets whisked off into another world and essentially turned into magical girls, where – surprise surprise, their everyday lives come to an end. How cliche. Functionally it’s very similar to how Madoka Magica started off, even down to the musical styling (orchestral). For now, i’m somewhat skeptical as to whether this will turn into anything more than just a magical girls fight monsters kind of show.

Cross Ange
(10) The one where she gets her panties ripped off
First episode was pretty odd and bad, episode 2 puts our princess in a pilot school and introduces what is basically a female version of hitler who proceeds to try and rape the main character. The show seems to be about saving the world from dragons, so if half naked girls flying about shooting at dragons sounds like your thing…

Sora no Method
(9) The boring show with the blue haired chick
What even is this show about? I’ve watched 2 episodes and both have bored me to the point where i’m barely paying attention to the show anymore. Something about removing a giant saucer from the sky, and a blue haired girl who (I suspect) may not even exist. It’s nicely drawn girls doing nothing in particular, it’s style over substance, it’s glasslip V2.

World Trigger
(9) The one with the least likable main character
Another show about saving the world, with one of the main characters being an alien in disguise or something. While the premise isn’t horrible, it’s so bland and uninspired, and the characters are especially generic and unlikable.

Akatsuki no Yona
(9)The one with the redhead and guy that isn’t Zhao Yun
A king is assassinated, and a princess has to flee the castle to begin anew. It was a show that, whilst boring, was looking appealing mostly due to the drama – however towards the end of the second episode it seems to have turned into yet another generic action show in a vaguely dynasty warriors fashion (only less cool).

Girl Friend Beta
(4,?) The one where girls do nothing in particular for 20 minutes.

Trash Tier:

Denki Gai no Honya San
(7) The one with the bookshop clerks
I think it’s supposed to be a comedy, however it doesn’t manage character humour or even slapstick humour particularly well, the result being a show which is just kind of stupid. Perhaps i’m just too old for the jokes to be funny.

Ookami Shoujo to kuro ouji
(7) (wolf girl and black prince)The shoujo with the S male pretending to be her girlfriend
A fake boyfriend scenario, yet while Nisekoi turned it into a comedy, Ookami shoujo seems to have taken it on a darker, more abusive route? With the heroine basically being a toy for men and literally treated as a dog. It’s awkward to watch, and I find it odd that a show for girls would tell this sort of story of basically a girl who gets bullied and then falls in love with someone who is clearly a complete fucking asshole.

Donten ni Warau (Laughing under the clouds)
(6) The one with the blunt swords
Very generic ninja-esque anime, pretty one dimensional characters and not much plot either. Second episode gets a bit more actiony but the animation is sub-par and reminds me of a bad version of bleach or naruto or some shit.

(6) The one about anime production where nothing really happens
Boring as shit show about making anime, PA works seem to have a real knack for making good looking shows with zero content lately.

Gonna be the twin-tail
(2) The one with the twin tails that was fucking awful

Sequel Tier:

Log Horizon 2

Psycho Pass 2

Yowamushi Pedal : Grande road

The great anime crisis of 2014

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Regular animewatchers will likely have noticed by now that nyaatorrents (arguably the most well known anime torrent site) has been up and down recently (but mostly down). Supposedly they are being DDOS’s from Japan, or at least that was the case last I checked. A week or two ago multiple other fansub sites were also down, forcing many to resort to the dark ages of XDCC’ing from IRC bots to get their anime fix.

It’s easier to find light in the darkness however, and as such many people have been enlightened into other avenues to which they can download.

My personal find was the kind of amazing ‘Shana Project’ – http://www.shanaproject.com/

For the most part, it works like a conventional torrent website, however it’s ability to sort files by series or subtitle group means it is much easier to find what you want. Then there is the most powerful function, the RSS feature – Say you follow 7 live shows, you can basically ‘follow’ these shows on the website, designating what subtitling group you prefer, and what quality you want it in. From here, all you need to do is set up the RSS in your torrent client, and the website will basically automatically send all of the new files released matching your criteria straight into your client. No more ‘I wonder if X is out yet’, if it’s out, your torrent client will receive it and automatically start downloading it for you (assuming you set it up that).

It’s AMAZING, and I can’t believe i’ve been doing it the old fashioned way for so long – I thought I was already ahead of the curve when I started using anidb’s notification system to tell me when files are out, but this is basically the next level of that.

Anime Spotlight : Senyuu

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Relatively unheard of anime that I personally had no idea existed. 26 episodes, however each episode is about 3 minutes long. senyuu Senyuu is a show detailing a hero’s quest to defeat the demon lord, however the show is so incredibly tongue in cheek that it’s incredible. The entire show is basically a giant parody on stereotypical anime and video game concepts, and it’s done pretty damn well.
Mileage with this one way vary, the more anime you’ve watched the more you’ll probably get out of it, but there is certainly something for everyone here, and at 3mins an episode it’s not hard to watch an episode or two to gauge whether or not you are on the same page as the show’s humour. Evidently by the low anidb rating, not many people were, but i’ve been finding it one of the funniest shows in a long time.

Torrents for both seasons are in this rar. – http://www.mengsbizarreadventure.com/uploads/senyuutorrents.rar And here’s a very short preview if you fancy it.

[kad_youtube url=”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Uli79ZRvMeM” ]

What you should be watching this season – Summer 2014 Anime Roundup

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Whilst a common theme anyway, Summer 2014 brings with it a large collection of school life comedy shows along with a small selection of interesting looking action shows.

As usual, opinions are based on 2 or 3 episodes of the show, as such it is only an educated guess into how the show will actually progress and whether or not you should give it a look.

For those that dislike or don’t have time to follow many shows, i’ve added a top 3 this season tier for what I anticipate to be the best shows this 3 month slot.

Top 3 this Season

Note: Space Dandy 2 is in the Sequels tier because it’s technically on its second season – even if the episodes are all pretty standalone. It is easily the best thing airing this season.


Barakamon - 1 - Baraka Kodon - [Anime-Koi](31daa0bc).mkv - 00000Story of a guy going out to the countryside to practice calligraphy, there he meets an adorable playful little girl. It’s a heartwarming comedy, somewhat similar to the fantastic Usagi Drop from a few years ago.


Terror in Resonance

Zankyou no Terror - 1 - Falling - [Commie](705b72de).mkv - 00000

A terrorist group who announces their plans before carrying through with them, and a detective who is on their trail… Sound familiar? While the characters are vastly different, and the atmosphere completely different, i’m getting slight death note vibes from this one. In addition, it’s directed by Watanabe Shinichiro – of Cowboy Bebop / Samurai Champloo


Tokyo Ghoul

Tokyo Ghoul - 2 - Incubation - [HorribleSubs](7bf4ad54).mkv - 00001

Dark action show, a world filled with ‘ghouls’ – beings which feed on humans and have powers. Seems to be dealing with main characters feelings well, emphasizing on his unable to adjust to suddenly having to live off human flesh, a nice change from shows where the MC just kind of accepts it. It’s an action show as well of course, with the ghouls having powers and having their own territories.


Watcha these?

Akane Ga Kill

Akame ga Kill! - 2 - Kill the Authority - [Doki](d71c25cf).mkv - 00001

Teen enters a group of assassins and starts murdering dudes, a slightly basic premise, but it’s done well enough to be interesting.


Monthly Girls – Nozaki kun

Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun - 2 - Say Hello to the New Heroine - [Underwater](03af5332).mkv - 00000

Comedy about a hit shoujo manga artist actually being a guy, the story follows a girl who starts work as his assistant. I’m enjoying it so far, lots of funny scenes and the main character is very lovable (and has some fantastic facial expressions)


Majimoji Rurumo

Majimoji Rurumo - 1 - I Will Grant You Your Wish - [Anime-Koi](6956b169).mkv - 00002

The worst in this tier, being on the border of good and mediocre. Follows Witch rurumo and perverted main character, reminds me a ton of Henneko. These show itself isn’t amazingly good, but witch Rurumo is so adorable that she is basically carrying the show on her own right now.


Probably not watcha these


Girl can see glimpses into the future, interesting premise but slightly boring execution – fairly standard stuff for PA works I guess (nice to watch, but stuff doesn’t really happen)


Might be the best of the bad ‘cute school girls do cute things’ genre this season. A bunch of girls trying to make a dance group. Probably the catchiest OP of the season however.

Tokyo ESP

Seems like a fairly generic superpower action show, some of the characters have some interesting powers but the show itself seems to have pretty bad storytelling.



Persona 4 the Golden animation

This show isn’t a remake of the original Persona 4 Animation as I initially expected, but rather a collection of side ventures which aren’t really connected to the main plot – Great for P4 fans, but not really worth watching if you haven’t played the game or seen the original P4 animation series.

Space Dandy 2

Still the dandiest guy in space, still 10/10 show – even if the episodes seem to be getting more and more bizarre. Episodes are made by a selection of different directors which make for an incredibly unpredictable ride. Episodes are still hit and miss, but the hits are SO good – episode 3 this season was the funniest thing i’ve seen in ages, and episode 4 is a goddamn high school musical episode.

Sword Art Online II

Honestly really disappointing so far, very slow starting – if it weren’t a continuation of SAO it probably would have been dropped by now because all we’ve seen are some dumb scenarios. (derp, lets come down from my vantage point to fight this guy with a minigun with my sniper rifle…)

Free! Eternal Summer

Gay Swimming sequel, still charming and vaguely K-ON like, though I wish it wasn’t about buff dudes in swimwear.


Do not watcha these.

Blue Spring Ride

Shoujo Romance show, doesn’t seem awwwful but I didn’t find it at all enjoyable, characters seem kind of boring for this sort of show.

Invaders of the Rokujyoma!?

Similar to Kanoflag from last season, ridiculous setup into a not even sly harem situation. All the characters are basically caricatures.


Bit of an idol show with the singing and the dancing… Never really been to into these.

Rail Wars

Story of teens that work at a train station or some shit, i dunno. Pretty uninteresting, even the fanservice they are giving isn’t enough to keep me watching this one.

Jinsei Soudan

Aka. Kids who sit around in school in some sort of club and just talk to each other. It’s hard to tell if the shows are just repeating or what, because this show feels a lot like Love Lab from 2 seasons ago, and honestly that one wasn’t good either.


Please no watcha these.


Momo kyun Sword


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