Top 10 of 2014 : Anime

Probably an above average year overall for anime, with every season having at least two standout shows. For my own sanity, we are counting shows that started in 2014, not those that ended in it.   #10 Akame ga Kill // Action … Read More

Liar Game, and the mind games genre

So after watching this week’s episodes of Liar Game, I couldn’t help but make a blog post. It’s fairly rare that I watch live action series nowadays, mostly because they are long and time consuming, one or two episodes of … Read More

The great anime crisis of 2014

Regular animewatchers will likely have noticed by now that nyaatorrents (arguably the most well known anime torrent site) has been up and down recently (but mostly down). Supposedly they are being DDOS’s from Japan, or at least that was the … Read More

Anime Spotlight : Senyuu

Relatively unheard of anime that I personally had no idea existed. 26 episodes, however each episode is about 3 minutes long. Senyuu is a show detailing a hero’s quest to defeat the demon lord, however the show is so incredibly … Read More

Life – April 2014

Life Nothing much to report this week, just been working, and in relatively boring locations. I’m in outer birmingham for a week and then I think staines for about a month. I bought this sweet little speaker thing the other … Read More