Space Dandy : Anime of the year already – Space Dandy English Episode 1 720p The new show about Space Dandy, the dandy guy in space has started. Oddly the English dub is out before the Japanese one, but judging from the quality of this episode and … Read More

Top 10 of 2013 : Anime

A Strong Q2 and Q4 for 2013, though sadly only just enough actual good shows to form a top 10 list. There are no runner ups, everything that isn’t on this list was relatively mediocre. That said, at least you … Read More

Anime Spotlight: Kill La Kill

Only the first episode of Kill La Kill is out so far, but one episode is all it needs to convince you that this show is going to be a hilarious ride. From the same director as Panty and Stocking, … Read More

Anime Spotlight: Danganronpa

So we’re only very early into the summer season, but already I think I’ve found my favorite. Danganronpa is an anime adaptation of the PSP game of the same name, it is a murder mystery visual novel by Chunsoft, the … Read More

Attack On Titan

Havent had much to blog about lately due to time constraints (How? Im fucking unemployed now?!) so I thought I’d go ahead and tell you all once more that you all really need to watch Attack on Titan before more … Read More

Little Witch Academia (OVA)

Little Witch Academia is a surprise joy from new studio ‘Trigger’, a bunch of ex-gainax folk lead by the same director as Panty and Stocking and Gurren Lagann.Its a 26 minute standalone OVA set in an imaginative fantasy world full … Read More