Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood

Finally finished this 64 episode beast the other day (after starting it somewhere around new years), the first half of the series doesnt really give you much incentive to keep watching and as a result I almost actually dropped it … Read More

Nichijou TV (Spring Anime 2011)

So episode 2 of Nichijou came out today, and its fucking fantastic.I havent laughed so hard at an anime in a while, its bizarre humour is pretty refreshing amongst all the standard moeblob school comedy bullshit that is every other … Read More

Toriko Preview

“In a world where the taste and texture of food is extremely important there exist individuals known as Bishoku-ya (luxury food providers) who specialize in the acquisition of rare ingredients and animals. Toriko is one of these hunters and it … Read More

OniiKoto and Dragon Crisis

both finished yesterday/today , and both are varying levels of terrible.I dont actually know why i stuck around to watch both of them through til the end. Dragon crisis : 5/10 – Bad plot, characters, inconclusive ending I dont like … Read More

Awaiting Spring 2011 Anime

So was just browsing to see whats coming out next season…  (no Panty and stocking S2, no Ika Musume S2, I am disappoint.) Actual lists are…HereOver HereAnd one here as well So uh… Doesnt seem to be a whole lot … Read More

Aachi wa Ssipak (2006)

aka. What the fuck am i watching So looking at the ‘similar’ anime section of Panty and stocking on aniDB, I saw this film.The synopsis is as follows (copypasta from aniDB) In the future, all energy sources are depleted, except … Read More