Summer Wars (2009)

Summer wars is a 2 hour film from the same guy that directed ‘The girl who leapt through time’.Without spoiling too much, imagine… the matrix,but fun and without the human enslaving bit, and then unleash a virus in the matrix, … Read More

Macross Frontier

Finished Macross frontier tonight , it was…. pretty damn good.25 episodes and i finished it in 4 days says it all i think. The anime is somewhat of a mix between some sort of bizarre musical and space dogfighting , … Read More

Dennou Coil

So i finally finished Dennou Coil today , a 26 episode anime series Definately one of the better anime’s ive seen , with a very unique universe.The closest thing i can sort of compare it to i guess is the … Read More


Oh wow. are you for real? Most amazing page of a manga ever


Not sure if you guys know abouts this but the guy who does VGcats recently started doing a Pokemon themed webcomic called ‘SUPER EFFECTIVE’ , it can be found here : In other news:– mock exams week was last … Read More