So I had my cataract surgery yesterday, I believe the procedure went well, or at least I was told it was a success. From what I can (literally) see, it seems to have helped, though quality isn’t quite as good … Read More

Life – June 2021

Jesus we’re half way through the year already?I suppose we’re still in a semi lockdown situation so not a whole lot of socializing or going out, the days and weeks mesh together as we sit indoors and just play vidya.Looking … Read More

Life – Mar 2021

Where does the time go.Since my last update (forever ago) we’ve had a few small things happen, but for the most part it’s been fairly mundane, moreso than usual as you can imagine as the whole country is still in … Read More

Life – August 2020

And so, the days became weeks, and the weeks became months, and suddenly, I found myself staring at the beginning of September, unemployed, and confused as to where the time went. The work situation This is the last month i’m … Read More