Mr Boss Boss

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So uh… weird day at work the other day (saturday).
Along with a new guy- who looks suspiciously like ‘Tanaka Hajime’ from Ouendan


We also had a visit from mr Boss Boss or somebody higher up.
Longstory short , mr Boss Boss is this guy (below)

Only difference i noticed is that Mr boss boss seemed more bound by physics but thats a minor detail.


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So apparently  5 years ago i was a neopet monster because i have all this stuffs which i can only imagine took me ages to get.
After logging in i thought id take some screenshots to show you guys some of the awesomeness which i found inside.


If i remember right i had to change my main neopet from the green tiger to the meekra because my tiger got the digital form of aids and the cure was only able to be purchased for some obscene amount of neopoints (i think it needed like 100k , fuck that.)
Worth noting that i think my pets are a tidge hungry :<  Bank Account :

Account Type : Double Platinum

Current Balance : 28,158 NP
Double Platinum Interest Rate : 8.0% per year.
Yearly Interest : 2,252 NP


Meng VS [BoYc3] @ Bejeweled

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Meng wins.

in other blogish news. i FINALLY beat 100 sec kitchen battle on Hyper on Pop n Music.
This has pretty much been my life goal ever since i saw a ‘crazy japanese guy plays music game’ video on ebaumsworld about 4 years ago.
So 4 years later ,multiple blisters and 1 broken dualshock controller , i have finally beaten this song – by 1 life bar i might add (one miss and i would’nt have made it).
100sec kitchen battle

Meng wins again!

Balls Of Fury

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So i just finished watching the film ‘Balls of Fury’ and whilst its not a film which will be winning any awards any time soon , is still a great comedy flick. The jist of the story (which could have been thought up by a kid with downs syndrome i might add) is an ex-ping pong prodigy has to infiltrate an elite ping pong tournament with the help of black FBI agent to stop a large scale arms dealing operation.

Im very unsure as to whether or not the film was actually funny or not , as it seemed to me that a majority of the times i was laughing out loud were the bits which werent intended to be THAT funny , further backed up by the poorly scripted lines which are occasionally used to try and be funny but generally end up failing completely.

The film then transitions from comedy to james bond style action flick at around the 2/3 mark where all the characters and their grandma suddenly start weilding SMG’s like its the normal thing to do , this was rather weird and didn’t add to the story or enjoyment factor of the film much but rather some sort of way for the producers to spend more money on special effects – as generally speaking , ping pong holds very little potential for special effects other than matrix style camera shifts and slow motion.

All in all though the film is genuinely entertaining and funny and well worth a watch – if only for the scene with the fly swatter (which will make sense once you’ve seen it.)



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UCAS application , all universities i will be applying for Biomedical Science …
1. Warwick
2. UCL (University College London)
3. Surrey
4. Queen Mary (London)
5. Reading

In other news , my headset and sound card arrived today. I personally didn’t see a huge boost in audio quality from the sound card , the headset was definately a worthy investment though.

Also. I did a 3 Point turn in my driving lesson today.

Finally. The Christmas tree is up , it looks pretty.

The Sound of Music…

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So i was playing TF2 with the scummbois earlier and my microphone started hardcore messing up.
now my headset had always been somewhat of a bitch , right from the beginning, along with my onboard sound they formed a pact to annoy the living shit out of me whenever possible.

Enough i thought. I quit TF2 and stormed onto ebuyer.
20 minutes later. . .
Longstory short , i ended up buying a ‘creative HS900 headset’ and a Creative Sound-Blaster X-Fi Xtrememusic.

I did consider buying some 7.1 speakers as well but i dont really have money to burn and it would be wasted if i were to move out of home for uni – because somehow i doubt that packing 8 speakers would be any fun.

ps. holy shit its 3am , i need to sleep. pronto.


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I feel really guilty about not making many blog posts lately , but at the same time i don’t really fancy posting lots of crappity crap.

As such , i suppose ill make an actual ‘blog’ post

This week has been assessment week , which in our college is basically mock exams but if you fail them you get kicked off the course , lovely stuff. So ive been working my ass off slacking as usual and playing games and watching anime more than i should do, on the games front ive been playing abit of Sega Rally with my new processor , seems the game is pretty reliant on it because before on my Athlon 3200+ i would get around 5-10fps on lowest settings But now i can whack the settings up to medium-high and play at HD resolution without much of a hitch (40+ fps) ive also been playing a fair bit of Touhou8 and a little bit of Team fortress 2. Speaking of which…

Server IP:
The (rich) scumm guys recently bought this TF2 server , not sure how long for but its there for now. Lots of groovy custom maps too. Although i question how much it’ll get played on because i think everyone is off playing Speedball 2 – not sure what the fuss is with that ,looks like PES ate some rugby and then thought it would play dress-up as a UT3/Gears of War character. Not a fan of the 2 sides one ball thing so ill be giving this a miss – not to mention i dont have much money right now after buying christmas presents (id love to tell you all what i got but id be screwed if one of my family members reads this blog) – to everyone else worth anything in my life and lives near me (sorry internet friends) you’ll be getting tolberones or those big cadbury chocolate bar things if they’re still doing them.

In other stuff , ive also started watching a new anime series called ‘Kanon’
lol Kanon
yeah i know what you’re thinking , and i wholeheartedly agree.
Ive only seen 3 episodes so far but ill summarize the story so far.
Kyon (from Haruhi – same looking character , same voice same everything) comes to a new town and meets a shitton of girls with cute voices and attributes. – and… thats it. pretty much.
It feels a hell of a lot like haruhi but without haruhi , with kyon doing the narration , ginger haired girls and even a yuki act-a-like who doesent talk much.
[edit : okay , this anime is really addictive , episode 8 now.]

Id also like to announce that from now on i shall be reviewing games in my own style , i havent tried yet but i get the feeling it’ll basically be a zero punctuation review in text but with more punctuation . . . yeah. something to that effect.

Wanna have a baby?

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So i was at work today…. [yeah , you guessed it.]Me – unaware of whats going on.
Girl : honey? sweetie? gorgeous? handsome?
Me – *turns around by coincidence and takes drinks orders etc*
Girl : Oh wow , you’re cute. Single?
Me : uh.. oh .. no (a lie of course)
Girl : oh.. give me your number anyway.
Me : uhh.. maybe later.
Girl : oh so you still havent given me your number yet
Me : Sorry , i already told you i have a girlfriend
Girl : Forget her… oh wow , you have really nice eyes
Me – *sweating*
Girl : imagine you and me. . . . . . Having a baby.

Now fortunately at this time i was called off to do some stuff with the stocks in the staff area , but from what i hear from the other staff is that she waited around for like 15 minutes and started yelling at the other staff saying stuff like ‘if you dont bring him to me i refuse to pay’
My workplace is scary ;_;
In other non-work related new
– My Case and such came on friday , built it and everything. Its not as quiet as the reviews made it out to be , which is a shame. Its also fucking huge and looks like it could double as a fridge freezer (heatsink the size of my face fits inside though thankfully) , Might upload some pics or something at some point in the near future. – all temperatures have dropped by about 10 deg C also. which is nice.

– Unreal Tournament III is damn beastly. It feels alot like Unreal Tourney 2K4 but with better graphics and such , which is definately a good thing. Shame i cant run it at a decent framerate without having to set to a low resolution (720×450) but the game seems to have a nice scaling system in place – what i mean is that you can run the game at your native resolution so that all the menus and GUI are the correct size , but then change the game rendering size to a certain percentage. The game then runs the game in that size , stretches it to fullscreen and then puts on the native resolution GUI over the top. So all the screen elements are the right size. Good stuff.

– Shoutout to my homeboy [BoYc3] who recently set up a blog. which can be found at , i’ve also added [Sean]’s blog to the linky bit at the right ( ) , if you have a personal site you want linked just drop a comment.

– Kane and Lynch has a really good story ,almost to the level where im only playing it for the story and not the gameplay. – best line so far by kane (to lynch of course on topic of him ‘accidently’ killing someone) : “FUCK! You’re a fucking idiot!! What the fuck is the matter with you!?!” , whats probably best about this line is how i can imagine Bruce willis saying it.

– Whilst sitting on the bog and reading the readers digest , i came across an article. Longstory short…
‘a married couple plan to divorce after unwittingly chatting each other up on the internet using fake names’

I’m blog ya’ll , im blog ya’ll…

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1 – I think im going to be in the facebook of some random 15 year old girls. They asked if they could take a picture.. with me. then handed the camera to their dad/uncle/grandpa (godknows.) and came either side of me and posed. my workplace is getting weirder by the minute.

2 – Im going to go ahead and blame the Scummisland community for being a bad influence on me. I unconsciously said ‘Shut duh fuck up nigguhs’ out loud whilst they were all off being black to some birthday celebration. So yeah. Blame Scummisland for my turning racist.

3 – Remember that heatsink i told you all about a few posts ago? well it came… and its a fuggin BEAST. Its pretty hard to think of a decent item to compare it to , but id go as far as saying its about the same mass as Jordans left tit. Or maybe 3/4 of my head, or 2 and a half Fists

4 – Kane and Kynch : Dead men , is out for PC , 7.2gb – far too many good games lately , however one of them is’nt…

5 – Sim City Societies. It is NOT a SimCity game. Its almost like a huge extension of ‘the Sims 2’ , they took out alot of the advanced stuff that made you feel important in the old SimCity games. Also gone is the old Zoning system (small residential area , large commercial area…etc) and instead now you pick out the individual houses and such , gone is the electricity linking and plumbing… pretty much anything which ever slightly made you think ‘hmmm.’ in the old simcity games is not present here. Its almost as if they redesigned the game with 10 year olds in mind.
What a shame , the game looks good at least i suppose.

6 – Need for speed prostreet is pretty shit as well , its as if NFSU ate some of Gran Turismo and then took out a penknife and stabbed itself in the leg to make itself move all juttery. Customization is still in , tuning is still in , fun driving is not in. Instead , realism is in. Yes. Need for Speed + Realism = Fail

My workplace is more retarded than your workplace. (pure blog shiz.)

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So apparently everyone in my workplace has never seen an actual good looking guy , because they all seem pretty convinced its me. Anyone who has seen me will verify that i am not a good looking guy on any level , infact i barely qualify as average imho.

Conversation with some girl in my workplace
girl *comes out of kitchen waving over her mouth*
Me *gives her a weird look*
girl : I just ate a splingdoll
Me : a wha?
girl : a splingdoll
Me : …
girl *takes out a notepad and scribbles down ‘Spring Roll’* (rather legibly i might add , her handwriting is better than mine dispite the fact she can barely speak english
girl : yes , splingdoll.
Me : … no no, spring roll
girl : spring lole
girl : LOLE.
girl : LOLE (repeat 3 times.)
girl : am i say it right now? spring lole?
Me : yeah. sure.
girl : Kiss me. *leans forward*

Now excuuuuuuse me. WHAT THE FUUUUUCK?!?!?!?!

Me (out of pure instinct and no thought whatsoever) : no. *smile*
girl *scampers off giggling*

Later after work , im approached by her and her posse. they sit me down at a table and sit around me (Meng + 6 girls at a table)
then they start going off doing their moonspeak and the girl from earlier turns round , leans forward and asks ‘When was first girlfriend?’
soon followed by other such dodgy fucked up questions as ‘how many girlfriend you had before?’ and ‘when first kiss?’ – Naturally as a guy , i try to escape. However i cant , as soon as i try to stand up the tall one (who has strategically positioned herself behind me) Pushes my shoulders down so im back on the chair , the girl asking the questions then grabs my arm and shakes it. I have somehow been teleported from a restaurant to an interogation center in .

Games to movies

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So a few games are being adapted to movies , we all knon that hitman was being adapted into a movie , and frankly. it looked really shit.

The movie producers seemt o be giving it another go and are making movie adaptations of the rather awesome game ‘Max Payne’ (and speaking of , where the hell is Max Payne 3) , The confirmed actor to play Max is… Mark Wahlberg , know who he is? because i sure don’t. However this is what he looks like.

In other game to movie news.
The upcoming game ‘Kane and Lynch : Dead men’
is also being made into a movie. Cant remember who the 2nd guy was , but i know that one of the actors is going to be Bruce (Yippikiyay) Willis… hmm
[edit : L33tfella_H tells me the 2nd guy is ‘Billy Bob Thornton’]

Super bonus extra feature! : – Staged or not? you decide. – Luckiest Halo 3 Kill ever
I do love how they were able to recap and review what the hell killed them. Proof that the halo 3 camera thing is awesome.

Stuff Stuff Stuff

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The Comments have now been fixed , i never really messed around with the settings before but have done so now. It was previously set to only registered users can comment , now it is set to allow anybody to comment , provided they have had 1 comment previously moderated. Ergo. Comment away!

This is quite possibly the best , most hyphy song ever. – kudos to Scootahboi123 (aka. [BoYc3] ) for letting me hear the original for the first time on his TF2 video.
Linky to the song : Scooter : The Question is What is the Question? (Flip & Fill Remix)

Drawing up Data Flow Diagrams and Entity Relationship diagrams for ICT fucking fails so hard.

4. – Storytime
So im at work , doing my thing. Im doing drinks runs for the bar and have to bring a bottle of wine to a table of foreigners (they look like they’re from Europe somewhere , not sure where though. We’ll pretend they’re Estonians , because everyone knows they’re weird.)
So im opening the bottle with my Cockscrew Corkscrew right and then…
I glance upwards to be greeted with one of them clutching a camera pointed at me.
T..they just took a picture of me opening a wine bottle =/
Im somewhat mortified that they would want me in their holiday pictures but whatever , i pour out the wine. However afterwards the woman calls me over. . .
“Could you.. uh.. get bottle .. for camera?”
I am then forced into posing for a picture where im holding a wine bottle over this womans glass like im some form of slave. Great.
Tips? None of course.

Due to my family pc breaking down and such , i bought a few bits and bobs for my pc.
An Athlon 6000+ CPU
2gb Kingston PC6400 Ram (2x1gb)
Zalman CNPS 9700 CPU Cooler
And an Antec P182 Case SCPR edition
– Pretty pricey i guess , but its only a few weeks wages and the case is supposed to be pretty damn beastly.

Worlds worst employee award

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So recently my workplace has recruited some new employees due to being short of staff , as you may have already sussed out via the title , they are all fucking useless goddamned liabilities.

For those who are not aware , my job (and consequently , theirs) is to go around and pick up customers used plates / cutlery / glasses and take it to the kitchen , take orders ,bring out drinks from the bar or wipe down tables and set cutlery on them. Its not the hardest job in the world , in my opinion anyway , of course… it would appear that not everyone sees things the same way I do

I’d like to mention at this point that I do not actually know any of their names although I have personally given them all nicknames in my head. Now , on to the contenders.

‘Plain useless’

Equipped with quite possibly the most stereotypical look of an early twenties Chinese girl , she is – as the nickname suggests , plain fucking useless. She excels at INTENSE tasks such as wiping tables , which is rather oddly all I saw her doing in the space of a 5 and a half hour shift.

Obviously , she also does not know any English so I cant even bitch at her to do things.

At one point during the night I was with her and we had to set a table for 11 people , now the table already had been set up for 10 people (long table , 5×1 with 2 per table) and had an extra chair at the end of the table, I turned to useless. “eleven people.” I spoke slooooowwwllyy in hope her small brain would be able to comprehend. She nods. Huzzah! Perhaps she’s not so useless after all! I set up the table by myself and she stands there staring into space. With the last set of cutlery in my hand to place at the empty chair at the end of the table I get called away to do something which requires slightly more skill , I pass the cutlery to useless and point to the end of the table where the empty chair is and walk off.
Minute later she returns to me , cutlery still in hand.
“i…uh…there is already two” she says , pointing at the 2 sets of cutlery set up… on a table surrounded by 3 chairs.
I resist the urge to headbutt her and instead put the cutlery down myself.
Useless bitch.

‘Period pain girl’

Aptly named because she always has a grimace on her face.
I shit you not. Her face is actually moulded into the typical internet DEE COLON face D: , albeit with slightly more teeth showing on the top side.
Now… I don’t smile much admittantly , but a fucking D: ?

There are a few times when one is allowed to make that sort of face for periods of longer than half an hour.

1. Mike Tyson just uppercutted you in the stomach
2. You just got stabbed , and Mike Tyson uppercutted you in the stomach.

Worth noting that she is also pretty damn useless , although not as useless as ‘useless’ documented above or as useless as…

‘Princess’ (Chinese Paris Hilton)

You may consider yourself to be in the wrong line of work if you’re allergic to animals and find yourself as a zookeeper. Quite similar to being afraid of leftover food where your job practically revolves around picking up plates of other peoples food.

Anyone who has been to where I work will have seen that the staff who work there will easily take about 8 plates at a time , and balance them on their hands , wrists , arms, stomachs , shoulders etc .(for example today I saw somebody balance coins on the back of their hand whilst taking drinks to the bar , that was extreme.) Not princess of course. Who uses a full two hands per one plate , holding it firmly by the sides and walking with her arms outstretched as far as she can. Upon reaching the kitchen and dropping off the plates , she quickly takes out a tissue and thoroughly (I mean it.) wipes down her hands , god forbid any molecules of food be on her at any time.

Actual usefulness seems limited of course , as she can’t sweep worth shit either , and sweeping is hardly the most difficult thing in the world.

Note to self : You started work on september 7th 07

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