Life – August 2017

Ooooh. Almost missed a month. Feels like it’s been ages since my last post but still technically under a month (is that good?! oh how my standards have slipped) 1/6 of Guyhouse is now married So we’ve had our first … Read More

Life – July 2017

What a fast month. and what a lack of blog posts as usual! Cordelia So, the question i’ve probably been asked most the last month or two is ‘how is Cordelia’, and the answer is she is still recovering, we … Read More

Life – June 2017

So after maybe one of the worst weeks of my life, and by far the worst ‘holiday’ ive ever had, i’m back in the UK after flying back from Bangkok yesterday. Everything all seems so surreal still, especially being back … Read More

Life – May 2017

As usual, not too much to report… infact, struggling to think of anything noteworthy which happened this month. Moving on up Little to report, had my annual review which went pretty well, practically got a promotion and moved to the … Read More

Life – April 2017

Wow so uh, it’s the end of April already and really nothing much happened. Bank Holiday Super weekend I took great advantage of the double bank holidays by taking some annual leave, 4 days of leave resulted in 10 days … Read More

The Crystal Maze!

We did the crystal maze in london yesterday, we actually booked it LAST april because it was sold out for absolutely ages. The experience itself was great fun, a 90 minute reimagine of the 90’s gameshow. 194 Whilst in the … Read More

Life – March 2017

Getting my moneys worth So my company recently introduced a kind of rewards thing called Perkbox, which gives me access to tons of money off things, percentage discount on groceries, near half off on cinema tickets and stuff like that. … Read More

Life – February 2017

Been a while huh. Kind of depressing how boring and routine life becomes after you finish uni and get a ‘proper’ job. Here are some things that happened.   Holiday Booked! We’ve booked another Holiday! Come June we’ll be heading … Read More