Balls Of Fury

So i just finished watching the film ‘Balls of Fury’ and whilst its not a film which will be winning any awards any time soon , is still a great comedy flick. The jist of the story (which could have … Read More


UCAS application , all universities i will be applying for Biomedical Science …1. Warwick2. UCL (University College London)3. Surrey4. Queen Mary (London)5. Reading In other news , my headset and sound card arrived today. I personally didn’t see a huge … Read More

The Sound of Music…

So i was playing TF2 with the scummbois earlier and my microphone started hardcore messing my headset had always been somewhat of a bitch , right from the beginning, along with my onboard sound they formed a pact to … Read More


I feel really guilty about not making many blog posts lately , but at the same time i don’t really fancy posting lots of crappity crap. As such , i suppose ill make an actual ‘blog’ post This week has … Read More

Wanna have a baby?

So i was at work today…. [yeah , you guessed it.]Me – unaware of whats going on.Girl : honey? sweetie? gorgeous? handsome?Me – *turns around by coincidence and takes drinks orders etc*Girl : Oh wow , you’re cute. Single?Me : … Read More

Games to movies

So a few games are being adapted to movies , we all knon that hitman was being adapted into a movie , and frankly. it looked really shit. The movie producers seemt o be giving it another go and are … Read More

Stuff Stuff Stuff

1.The Comments have now been fixed , i never really messed around with the settings before but have done so now. It was previously set to only registered users can comment , now it is set to allow anybody to … Read More

Worlds worst employee award

So recently my workplace has recruited some new employees due to being short of staff , as you may have already sussed out via the title , they are all fucking useless goddamned liabilities. For those who are not aware … Read More